Dell vs Lenovo: Which Brand is Best for You?

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Lenovo and Dell are two of the leading manufacturers of quality laptops available in the market today. These two manufacturers make high-end premium laptops in addition to their affordable laptops.

Thus, Dell and Lenovo come to mind as the two most common laptop brands when you’re searching for a Windows machine. These two brands make a variety of laptops. In general, Dell laptops are higher-spec and have more features, but they are also more expensive.

However, it does not always denote higher quality. Every brand of laptop has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, you can find a model from every manufacturer that suits your needs. In this article, you will learn which laptop brand is better.

About Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo is one of the most popular laptop brands, along with Dell. Most people who buy Lenovo laptops are attracted to them for various reasons, but their top reasons are the fantastic quality and the budget-friendly prices. 

There are a lot of Lenovo laptop models that are generally affordable but still offer many features. The excellent specifications and features of Lenovo laptops make them stand out from the competition.

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About Dell Laptops

Any time you buy a new Windows laptop, the name Dell immediately pops into your head – these laptops are high quality and have unique specs. 

The Dell laptops are great for casual gaming, less demanding tasks, and tasks that do not require much performance compared to other laptops. If you want a laptop that can handle heavy use, Dell laptops are an excellent pick.

The processors you will find in Dell laptops are much more likely to be AMD processors, especially cheaper ones. The Alienware line of Dell laptops played a significant role in getting Dell into the gaming business. 

Alienware laptops are equipped with i7 and i9 processors, both popular in the market. You cannot go wrong with the Dell XPS series if you look for a graphic designing or editing laptop.

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Dell is another major laptop manufacturing company across the globe. With recent products like Alienware, I’m sure it will appeal to every gamer and XPS series, such as the impressive XPS 9310.

This Texas-based American multinational tech giant definitely knows how to make its customers happy.

Dell vs Lenovo Comparison

Generally, the Dell brand is considered better compared to Lenovo. However, the price of Dell products is significantly higher than Lenovo products in most cases. It is, therefore, likely that Lenovo will be a better choice for those of you who are looking for an affordable option.

Despite that, this is merely a brief overview of both brands. Both brands have released numerous models in the last few years, so it is important to look closely at both of them.

Best Dell and Lenovo Laptops

These are the top 3 Dell laptops I recommend:

1. Dell XPS 15

– the best Dell laptop

Dell XPS 15

CPU: 10th Gen Intel Core i7
Storage: 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe
Display: 15.6 FHD+ (1920 x 1200) InfinityEdge Non-Touch with Anti-Glare technology and with screen resolution of 3840 x 2400
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti with 4GB GDDR6

2. Alienware M15 R6

– best for gaming

Alienware M15 R6

CPU: 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11800H (24MB Cache, up to 4.6 GHz, 8 cores)
RAM: 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
Storage: 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Display: 15.6-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) 240Hz 2ms with ComfortView Plus

3. Dell Inspiron 3000

– best budget laptop from Dell

Dell Inspiron 3000

CPU: Intel Celeron Processor N4020 (4MB Cache, up to 2.8 GHz)
Storage: 256GB PCIe Solid State Drive
Display: 15.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Non-touch Display
GPU: Intel UHD Graphcis

These are the top 3 Lenovo laptops I recommend:

1. ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Ultrabook

– the best Lenovo laptop for performance

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Ultrabook

CPU: Intel Core i7-1165G7 (2.80 GHz, up to 4.70 GHz with Turbo Boost, 4 Cores, 8 Threads,12 MB Cache)
Storage: 1TB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe x4 NVMe Opal2
Display: 14 FHD IPS 400nits Anti-glare 1920 x 1200
GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics

2. Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6

– the best Lenovo gaming laptop

Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6

CPU: Intel Core i7-11800H (2.30 GHz, up to 4.60 GHz with Turbo Boost, 8 Cores, 16 Threads, 24MB Intel Smart Cache)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 high-bandwidth RAM
Storage: 1TB PCIe SSD
Display: 16 WQXGA (2560x1600) IPS 500nits Anti-glare, 165Hz, 100% sRGB, HDR 400, G-Sync, DC dimmer

3. Lenovo Ideapad 3i

– good price for value

Lenovo Ideapad 3i

CPU: Intel Pentium Gold 7505 Dual-Core 2.00GHz Processor (4MB Intel Smart Cache, up to 3.50GHz)
RAM: up to 20GB DDR4 RAM
Storage: up to 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
Display: 15.6 1920 x 1080 Full HD Non-touch Display
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics

Gaming laptops

Among the many laptops on the market, Dell’s laptops are undoubtedly the best option available to gamers because of their gaming capabilities. 

Gaming experts consider Alienware Area-51m the top gaming laptop thanks to its powerful processor, 64GB of RAM, and high-end graphics card, which will take your experience to new heights. 

There is a larger variety of Dell gaming systems for those with a tighter budget. Dell’s G3 15 gaming system is one such example that lacks some most advanced features but still performs well enough for non-professional users.

On the other hand, several Lenovo laptops are good for gaming, including the Legion 5i, which is regarded as a popular laptop out there for gaming

This gaming device features a 16GB RAM, 15.6-inch HD screen that provides smooth performance for gamers of all levels. Despite its high price, however, Dell’s Alienware Area-51m can’t be beaten when it comes to gaming laptops.

Business Laptops

Business laptops such as Lenovo’s ThinkPad and IdeaPad are perfect for business use. Lenovo ThinkPad models can meet almost any need when choosing a laptop for business. 

It weighs only 2.4 pounds, making it a good choice for individuals who work on a fast-paced schedule. Business laptops like this come with plenty of great features, including a full HD display, a long-lasting battery, and many ports to suit different needs.

In contrast, Dell offers several business-oriented laptops designed specifically for business applications. The Dell Latitude 7410 is an excellent choice for business work, thanks to its intelligent aluminum design and 14-inch 4K display. 

Its weight of 2.9 pounds does make it heavier than its main rival, the Lenovo ThinkPad. Yet, the Dell Latitude 7410 is a great choice for professionals looking for a business laptop.

Overall, the ThinkPad laptops Lenovo provides for business users are the best choice to make if you are looking for an affordable business laptop with lots of power.

Studying Laptops

As a student, Lenovo is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to other more expensive brands like Dell. My own experience with Dell laptops in the past has led me to believe that it is an investment you will never regret, but you should prepare yourself for a more substantial expenditure at first. 

I recommend choosing Lenovo Yoga for students as it is affordable yet powerful. Despite being priced at less than $700, it has a beautiful design and can be used in various ways. It comes with a comfortable backlit keyboard and a highly responsive touchpad.

Budget laptops

Compared to most of its competitors, including Dell, Lenovo’s laptops are notable for affordable prices. For years, Lenovo has offered its wide range of cheap laptops of exceptional quality, giving it a consistent reputation for consistently delivering the best to the market. 

With its IdeaPad series, Lenovo offers highly affordable and powerful laptops, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad S540, whose price ranges under $500

The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook is a less expensive but equally high-performance laptop option. Despite the laptop’s low price below $400, this 10-inch touchscreen device has a powerful processor and an extended battery life.


Dell is one of the leading companies to offer some of the best-designed laptops on the market. I believe the company emphasizes performance and build quality more than looks. 

As a result, if you are looking for a laptop that looks amazing and is designed to outlast the rest of your life, then Dell might be right for you. Lenovo does not have many color options compared to Dell. Moreover, some higher variants by Dell will be able to show better drawings compared to their lower models.

Despite Lenovo’s long presence in the market, the company has been unable to develop improved color and design options for their laptops. Lenovo’s laptops tend to come in either black or silver finishes. While comparing Lenovo with other manufacturers like Dell, you can expect better artwork and more attractive designs.

Build Quality & Hardware

Having a powerful laptop is a good thing; however, you should also consider what is comfortable and convenient for the user. The manufacturers of Lenovo and Dell are aware of this, so they make the most well-made laptops compared to conventional standards in the industry.

Unlike traditional laptops or tablets, most laptops by Dell and Lenovo have a tent mode, which makes it possible to combine work and play. I recommend the Alienware and Legion series of laptops containing the latest hardware and top-class build quality.


Performance-wise, Dell laptops have excellent graphics cards and processors. Even high-end gaming laptops cannot beat these things when it comes to performance. Besides gaming, these devices are great for editing high-quality videos. 

However, Google Chromebooks are also an option for those who do not need much power. Despite being lighter and more portable, they can still run faster programs than comparable laptops of the same size.

The screens on Dell laptops are generally pretty good. It is often displayed in HDR, making it an incredible display for a portable device. Despite heavy use, it can run for more than six hours. 

Even though it’s not as impressive as some other models in battery life, it’s still quite impressive considering their power. For those who don’t mind paying a little more, Dell laptops are the best performance. Dell is a better choice for anyone looking for a laptop that has the power of a desktop computer.

On the other hand, Lenovo uses Intel processors to provide high-end performance in many laptops. Due to this high-performing chipset, these devices will be able to handle everything you throw at them, including gaming and video editing. 

Although 240 frames per second may not be feasible for first-person shooters on most Lenovo laptops, you won’t face any difficulties watching or playing the latest games.  

The cheaper models offered by Lenovo aren’t quite as impressive as, the more expensive ones. The performance they provide is good for the price they come in. Since Lenovo is the cheapest laptop manufacturer, you should be realistic when estimating how much a high-performance laptop will cost.

With a Lenovo, you’re more likely to enjoy a more casual experience. Many Lenovo laptops are stylish and designed for moderate use. But if you’re willing to spend a little more, chances are you can get one that will perform better and last longer. 

Overall, the performance comparison between Lenovo and Dell shows that Dell is the better performer. Dell laptops run faster because of the dual-fan coolers, and overheating is less likely with Dell than with Lenovo.


Your laptop’s durability and longevity are directly related to how you use it. When we compare Dell Inspiron to Dell IdeaPad in durability, Lenovo Inspiron is the winner. 

With its long battery life, Lenovo laptops can operate for a more extended period without replacing the battery. Overall, the durability offered by both brands is quite similar. Each model looks beautiful and is very reliable.

Customer Service & Warranty

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of laptops, Dell provides good customer service. Around the world, one can get their services at customer service centers. It is then easy for you to locate spare parts if you have a problem. Discounts and prices, however, may vary according to the warranty period.

On the other hand, the Lenovo brand is one of the oldest and most highly established manufacturers of computers and laptops; therefore, Lenovo provides excellent customer service. 

Lenovo offers more care centers than Dell. The company offers extended warranties on most of its laptops. As far as the warranty is concerned, most Dell and Lenovo laptops are covered for one year, and free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which is better, Dell or Lenovo?

Dell is generally regarded as a better brand than Lenovo. Lenovo laptops, however, are considerably more expensive than Dell laptops. Those searching for affordable units are likely to find Lenovo a better option, while users who want high performance will surely prefer Dell.

Is Dell better than Lenovo?

Both brands tend to be very similar in terms of quality. Lenovo’s are usually more affordable, making them a better value for money, while Dell has the upper hand in performance. So, you can say that most Dell laptops are better compared to Lenovo regarding performance.

Is Lenovo better than Dell?

If you want a budget-friendly laptop for your casual work, then the Lenovo laptops might be the best choice for you. Lenovo offers some affordable laptops in the market at quite a lower price range.


There is a wide range of laptops available from both Lenovo and Dell for various users. Each brand offers outstanding models designed for gaming or business and general use.

Each company’s products also have their advantages, and you should keep this in mind before making a purchase. Lenovo laptops offer excellent performance and durability for an affordable price. While with Dell laptops, you can expect a great design, powerful performance, and enhanced security.

For those looking for a suitable laptop for their business needs, Lenovo offers lightweight, portable ThinkPad laptops with the most cost-effective options available, ideal for business usage. 

Furthermore, Lenovo will offer you the most competitive prices available for your consideration. On the other hand, Dell is the better option if you are looking for sophisticated laptops with great performance and style.

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