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Selecting a web developer as a career path is one of the greatest decisions. Every business that exists in the market always requires a website to get the awareness of clients and to conquer the marketing competition against other established businesses. Thus, if you are feeling some inner responses to become a web developer, then the next fifteen minutes will be knowledge worthy minutes.

The career of a Web Developer

You will be surprised to know that there is a myth about web development, i.e. they only build websites. However, there are more works to be done by programmers. The fundamental duty is to prepare a user-friendly interface featured website that also contains adequate graphics and content. The designed website must spherically fulfill the requirements of both the business owner and the clients.

This type of specialist has to create or write good content, designing and editing web pages, scripting languages to develop websites and if other men are pursuing the same work then giving them directions is their main responsibility.

If there are any drawbacks in the workflow, then identifying and correcting them is the duty of a web developer. Apart from that, giving the proper web format circumstances to audio, video and graphic components is the primary job of a web developer.

Skill Set and Education Required to Become a Senior Web Developer

The curiosity behind becoming a web developer gives interested students directions to get knowledge of the proper skillset and education to become a successful specialist. The important thing is confidence, and that only rises if you have a proper understanding of the subject matter. Therefore, to get graceful success in your career in the future, some skill set and education are mandatory.

We all know that web development is a technical progression. Therefore, an interested individual must harden the required skill sets. As expected, there are five skill sets are required to become a hireable:

1. jQuery.

2. PHP.

3. JavaScript.

4. HTML5.

5. JAVA.

All the above-specified web development skill sets are popular coding languages. We recommend learning them through a reputed educational institution. If you want to get a well-reputed job in the future than a professional degree is a must. Therefore, you can pursue an Associate Degree in Web Programming from a good institution.

There’s another important technology in the digital world – PWA progressive web app blurs the line between the web and mobile and native apps.

Characteristics of A Successful Programmer

1. Learning Addict

Nothing will fit you if you don’t have the learning addiction in you about the subject matter. This case, it requires learns to be die-hard of it. To learn new things, a person needs true inspiration for his/her career. Web development is a regular changing industry where new designs, scripts and other innovative components are being released daily. With the latest updates, the output gets more flexible and communicative.

2. Perfectionism

You will be surprised to read that there is no place for even a small mistake in web development because a little mistake can rub your whole hard work on the website. It is confirmed by the statement from Sam McRoberts, CEO of Seattle-based Vudu Marketing. According to him “Most web developers suffer from borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to checking and double-checking their code”.

3. Good Communication Skills

 A web developer must work in an organization with many members because it ensures the aim of every member towards the website. Throughout the process, excellent communication skills work blasting because people in this industry must be capable of teaching client about the complex technical code issues.

4. Patience

Of Course! Nothing works without patience. The web developer must stay with patients whenever updates or minor changes are requested. Along with patience, good communication skill gets highlighted to forward an important development process. According to some senior specialists “Often, client work will go back and forth, and the smallest details will require tedious nurturing”.

Laptop – the Most Important Thing for a Programmer

Is this question need to be asked? Like a good quality set of anvils and hammers are required for every blacksmith, good sets of tools are required for Craftsman. Same as an appropriate laptop is most needed for a successful web developer. Web designing means you will require a portable machine that can be easily carried for meetings and comfortable development.

Therefore, you must be careful while buying a laptop for learning purposes because a wrong laptop may hinder your efforts.

Don’t worry at all.

We all have been there.

Below are some aspects that must be taken in relevance while buying a laptop for web development.

Display and Design

The display is one of a major aspect to consider while buying a laptop for web development because most of the process requires you to stare at the screen. Make sure that your laptop has good viewing angles and never go for a laptop with a resolution less than a Full HD 1920 x 1080p. It will require you to upgrade your budget to meet the required specs.

Your laptop must have a complete fit portable design such. Laptops with a screen size of 13 or 14-inch screen size work best for travelers, and you will get good battery life and lightweight laptops. If you don’t do much travel, then a 15-inch laptop is the best that offers great screen size with enough area for multitasking.

Performance and Operating System

For Web Development purposes, we highly recommend going for Intel core i5 or i7 powered CPU with a frequency of 3 GHz such that they are capable enough to perform high-end multitasking. Distinguish talking about RAM then you can consider a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. If you can invest more than it will be better to go ahead with 16 GB of RAM. It will be good to go with SSD (Solid State Drive) than HDD (Hard Disk Drive) because SSD performs much faster than HDD. For web development, you can consider a minimum of 256 GB of SSD featured laptop.

Which Operating System to choose? Remember, Mac OS will bound you only with what MacBook offers. On the other side, there are hundreds of options that are available with Windows. If you love to use Linux, then we recommend to use officially Linux OS supported laptops.


After taking care of hardware do not forget about the software. There are tons of necessary programs you will use for work, but take the extra step and protect your date from being hacked. There are many various ways to protect personal data – regularly update your software, use a VPN to simply hide your IP address.

Keyboard and Battery Life

We have separately mentioned it because you will be going to use the keyboard all the time to bang codes. Our recommendation is to a buy laptop that has a compact keyboard layout. If you are going to work in low light conditions, then make sure to check out backlight keyboards.

The battery is an un-ignorable aspect to consider while a laptop for web development purposes. A minimum of 6 hours of battery life is compulsory to select for web development. One more thing, always read real reviews of laptops of online selling sites where real users give their opinions about the laptop.


In this article, we have briefly discussed the working phenomenon, skill sets, education required to become any specialist you want, also the best laptop requirements.

This market has a wide scope of jobs, innovations and updates, so make sure to give your best to it, and you will get the results.

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