Best SSD (Solid State Drive) Laptops in 2021

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It’s a no brainer that SSD laptops are way better than HDD laptops. And this is why we brought up this topic; to discuss some of the best SSD laptops you can opt for in 2021. 

SSD must have been the best since sliced bread: it took the computing world on another level, and computer users can now have something to smile about. These laptops are faster, reliable and suited to use for any task. 

However, it is also important to note that it is not only the SSD feature that you should focus on; there are a couple of other features that make an SSD laptop what it is. 

Apple MacBooks have got the SSD storage technology. And you must have probably admired these laptops because of their speed and efficiency.

In this post, we will walk you through some of the best 10 SSD laptops you need to check out in 2021.

Best SSD Laptops

1. Dell XPS 9570

  • Features a clock speed of 4.1 GHz with an Intel Core i7
  • 32GB RAM
  • This laptop comes with a 1TB SSD storage space
  • 15.6-inch screen size with a resolution of 3840 by 2160
  • 4GB NVIDIA graphics
  • The battery can last up to 6 hours when fully charged
  • Weighs 4 pounds. 

If you want an SSD laptop with other competitive specs in the computing industry, Dell XPS 9570 is a good bet for you. It features an Intel Core i7 with a processor of up to 4.1 GHz. So this is a laptop you can trust with almost any task you can think of. 

The Dell XPS laptop features a 32GB RAM of DDR4, which is just what any laptop user would prefer. With this kind of RAM, you can comfortably play games and run heavy programs without worrying about your laptop hanging or overheating. The 1TB SSD storage space is just enough for you to store all your files. After all, we have a ton of cloud software you can use to store your files. 

This laptop is a 4k laptop with a resolution of up to 3840 by 2160. It is a touch screen laptop, but there are also the same laptop versions without the touch screen functionality. The Dell XPS also has NVIDIA graphics of 4GB, which should be excellent even if you want to play games on your laptop. 

Apart from looking at the performance quality of this laptop, we can comfortably say that this laptop is one that everyone would admire. The design is modern and features 2-USB 3.1 ports with a fingerprint scanner for top-notch security. 4 pounds is light enough for anyone who wants to move with this laptop from time to time. Overall, this is an excellent laptop you should check out in 2021. 


  •  The performance features are excellent
  • This laptop comes with a 4K technology
  • It features different connectivity options, including 2-USB 3.1 ports
  • It has enough graphics to accommodate heavy tasks. 


  • The battery doesn’t last long when fully charged. 

2. Apple MacBook Pro

  • 2.3 GHz clock speed, expandable up to 4.8GHz with an Intel Core i9
  • 16GB RAM 
  • Storage of up to 1TB SSD
  • Screen resolution of 3072 by 1920 with a 16-inch screen
  • AMD Radeon Graphics 
  • Battery lasts ten hours 
  • Weighs 4.3lbs. 

The Apple Macbook of 16 inches is one of the best SSD laptops you can find in the market right now. It has got a ton of features, and that’s why most content creators recommend it. This laptop is a 9th generation laptop with a powerful Core i9 and a 2.4GHz clock speed, which can expand up to 4.8GHz when running massive programs. 

It comes with a DDR4 16GB RAM, which is enough for most people. With this kind of RAM, you can comfortably play games, multi-task and edit videos while rendering them, too. This laptop also comes with a 512 SSD storage, which you can top up to 1TB SSD if you have many files to store. 

This is a 16-inch laptop with a full HD display. The Retina technology is good for the eye and therefore, you shouldn’t worry even if you have tasks running for long hours. Also, Retina has been known for the sharpness and top quality, and you should be guaranteed clear pictures. The screen resolution of 3072 by 1920 is just by far enough for what you’d need in a laptop. If you’re a gamer, the 4GB VRAM graphics will help take your gaming experience to the next level. 

You don’t have to fret if you’d want to connect your laptop with several other devices. This laptop comes with 4 Thunderbolts of which three are USB ports you can always use to transfer your data in and out of your computer. The Apple Macbook 16-inch laptop also has a backlit keyboard, meaning that you can work even during dark hours. Finally, this laptop only weighs 4.3 pounds and would be perfect for any digital nomad who travels regularly or works from home.


  • Features a beautiful and elegant design
  • Lightweight, so you can move around with it
  • It is excellent for those who want performance-friendly laptops
  • Long battery life. 


  • People with limited budgets might find this too expensive to purchase. 

3. Lenovo Legion Y520

  • Intel Core i7 with a clock speed of 2.8GHz 
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD storage space 
  • 15.6 inches screen size with a resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • Features 3GB NVIDIA graphics 
  • The battery can last up to 4 hours when fully charged
  • Weighs 5.29 pounds. 

If you are a gamer looking for a powerful laptop that won’t disappoint you at any given time, the Lenovo Y520 will be an excellent option. This is a powerful laptop powered by Intel Core i7 and 2.8GHz processor expandable up to 3.8GHz. In our understanding, this kind of clock speed is good enough for anyone who would like to multi-task or run heavy programs. 

16GB RAM (DDR4) is excellent if you are a gamer unless you plan to run some futuristic games on this laptop. This laptop comes with a 512GB SSD storage space, which should be enough to store your files. You can also top it up if you feel that you have too many files. 

And before we forget, you will love the display of this laptop. The 15.6 inches screen size is wonderful to most people, and the fact that this laptop has a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 makes things even better. Most gamers need a graphics card to run their games, and, fortunately, this Lenovo laptop has a 3GB NVIDIA graphics card.

Lenovo Y520 also has a ton of connectivity options. This laptop features 3-USB ports and a Type-C port. You should also expect an SD card reader as well as an HDMI port you can use to connect your laptop with external devices. The battery life span is a little disappointing – only 4 hours when fully charged. The portability of this laptop is a no brainer. 5.29 pounds is light enough to carry from time to time. 


  • Excellent performance
  • Extensive connectivity, including an HDMI and Type-C ports
  • Reasonable weight that you can easily move around
  • Affordable, so most people can afford it.


  • Low battery life span when fully charged 
  • Limited graphics

4. ASUS ZenBook Flip 14

Whether you’re a businessman or a student who needs a laptop to help with a few tasks, you will need a laptop that can accommodate programs such as QuickBooks, this laptop will be a great option. Below are some of the specifications you’ll get in this laptop: 

  • This is an Intel Core i7 powered laptop with a clock speed of 4GHz
  • 16GB RAM 
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • This laptop features a 16-inch screen size with a resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • The ASUS Zenbook features a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce graphics 
  • Weighs 3.3 pounds. 

This laptop will be an excellent bet if you are looking for a laptop with not only outstanding performance but also a laptop with a cool design you can show off. This laptop features a 360 degrees flexibility, which there’s no doubt most people will love. 

The Intel Core i7 powers this laptop with a processor of up to 4GHz. This laptop also has a 16GB RAM, which is excellent to handle a couple of tasks simultaneously. 

The SSD storage technology is a bit fast and will give you a boost. The 512GB SSD storage space should be enough, but you have the freedom to top it up if you have many files to store. 

The display of this laptop is also great, and you should expect a more outstanding performance. The ASUS Zenbook comes in a size of 14 inches with a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080. 

Graphics card is essential, especially to those who plan to play computer games or those who carry out graphics design tasks. That said, this laptop comes with a 2GB NVIDIA graphics card, which can help you do some light graphic design work.

Finally, this laptop’s keyboard is excellent, and you don’t have to take long to master where every key is. This laptop weighs only 3.3 pounds which means you can easily move around with it from time to time.


  • Lightweight design to facilitate easy portability
  • High performance because of the graphics card presence and the high clock speed
  • Touchscreen display, which can give you a boost when multitasking.


  • Verified buyers have reported some heating issues. 

5. Dell Inspiron Flagship

  • 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7200U CPU
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • 15.6-inch HD LED display with a screen resolution of 1366 by 768
  • Integrated graphics
  • A battery that lasts up to 5 ½ hours when fully charged
  • 4.8 pounds load capacity

This Dell Inspiron Flagship is similar to the typical pocket-friendly laptops available in the industry. Also, tons of features come in handy with this Dell Inspiron to make it a good bet. First, this is a Core i5 powered laptop, clocked at 2.5GHz. It also includes Turbo Boost that allows the user to reach further. However, the base clock is most preferred for computing tasks. 

Even more, this Dell Inspiron Flagship features DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD storage for a smooth experience for computing tasks. Although this Dell Flagship has a lower-end processor, the significant SSD and RAM acts as compensation for the same. This means extra speed and efficiency for whichever computing task. 

Sadly, there are a few frustrating factors about this laptop. The screen resolution of 1366 by 768 doesn’t deliver quality as expected. Also, the laptop doesn’t come with the graphics card, making it a challenge for the visuals. 

That said, you can anticipate all the standard features for connectivity. This Dell Inspiron laptop includes multiple USB ports that are functional along with HDMI connectivity. Meanwhile, this isn’t a dedicated laptop, but a budget-friendly laptop. Unlike other laptops in the market, Dell Inspiron is lightweight with an average weight of 4.8 lbs. 


  • This laptop is pocket-friendly
  • It has great performance
  • Dell Inspiron laptop offers multiple connectivities
  • It has a significant storage


  • The display resolution is of poor quality

6. ASUS ZenBook 14

Well, this laptop might not be the best to run 3D modelling software, but it will be an excellent option for people who need Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, among others. Below are other essential features that this laptop has: 

  • Intel Core i7 with a clock speed of 4.1GHz 
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • 14 inches screen size with a resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • Intel Graphics 620
  • The battery can last up to 14 hours
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds. 

There are a ton of people who prefer to have ultra-thin laptops, and yes, they are good to have. If you don’t love Mac products, this ASUS laptop will be an excellent option you will never regret. 

Intel Core i7 powers this laptop with an excellent clock speed of up to 4.1GHz when the Turbo Boost is turned on. This can help you complete tasks much faster than other lower clock speeds. 

This laptop’s memory is 16GB which you can expect to serve you quite well. You will stay confident when multitasking or running a few heavy programs. If you are a freelance writer who loves to open very many tasks to have in-depth research before writing content, this laptop will be a good option. Also, the storage space of this laptop is enough – 512GB SSD. However, you have the freedom to top it up when there is a need. 

You can expect a more excellent user experience. This laptop is a 14-inch laptop with Nano-bezel display. The screen resolution is good enough to give you the best of experience – 1920 by 1080. Unfortunately, this laptop doesn’t come with a dedicated graphics card, which may turn some people off.

Apart from the fact this laptop comes with a variety of connectivity options, you should also note that this laptop features a backlit keyboard which can enable you to work even in a dark room. This laptop also weighs only 2.6 pounds and would be an excellent option for digital nomads. Finally, this laptop’s battery lasts for long – 14 hours when fully charged. 


  • High battery life of up to 14 hours
  • Thin design, which is elegant to most people
  • Lightweight, so you can move around with it. 


  • Trackpad issues

7. Lenovo Flex 14

  • AMD Ryzen with a 2.3GHz clock speed
  • 12GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD storage space
  • 14-inch screen size with a resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • Radeon Graphics Vega 10
  • The battery lasts up to 4.5 hours when fully charged
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds. 

There are a couple of reasons why Lenovo Flex 14 is one of the best SSD laptops. The fact that it also features the SSD technology is just one of the reasons. Additionally, the laptop is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7, which isn’t a bad option, too. It also features a clock speed of 2.3GHz, and expandable up to 4GHz, which will be great for multitasking.

Most probably, Lenovo wanted also to favor those on a limited budget, so they decided to settle for a 12GB RAM instead of the usual 16GB RAM common with laptops of this calibre. The storage space is just similar to the laptops we have already discussed above – 512GB SSD. However, like any other laptops, you can top up the storage space, if need be. 

The display is excellent and will not affect the eye. It is an HD14-inches laptop with a screen resolution of 1920 by 10800. 

And because this is one of the most affordable SSD laptops in this list, don’t expect to get a dedicated graphics card. This will be too bad for most people who either want to play games or do some graphic design work with this laptop. That said, this laptop was made with professionals in mind and not gamers. 

Apart from the fact that this laptop features the new SSD technology, the Lenovo Flex 14 comes with a backlit keyboard which will enable you to work even in dark rooms. You can also expect a variety of connectivity options to allow you to connect your laptop with external devices. This laptop only weighs 3.5 pounds and can be an excellent option for digital nomads. 


  • Flexible design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Performance-friendly
  • Backlit keyboard


  • Limited graphics

8. Acer Aspire E 15

  • Intel Core i5-8250U processor with a clocking speed of 1.6GHz
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 256SSD storage
  • 15.6-inch FHD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics
  • Battery life that lasts up to 10 hours
  • Overall weight capacity of 5.27 pounds

The Acer Aspire E 15 is another product from the Aspire unit. Currently, it’s the most popular laptop in the industry, and users seem to love its overall performance, exceptional battery life, and heavy-duty quality. Additionally, this is a Core i5 powered laptop with a speed that clocks at 1.6GHz.  

When it comes to storage and memory, this laptop ticks all boxes. While 8GB of DDR4 may not be that efficient, still, it gets the job done. Also, the 256GB of SSD means an additional speed and storage space for your device. Given that it’s compatible with gaming, the extra space will come in handy for storing your files. 

The screen resolution is standard in this laptop unit. The 15.6-inch display comes with a top resolution of 1920 by 1080. The best part? You’ll be awarded an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 with 2GB when you opt for this package. While 2GB isn’t a great deal, it would be best when integrated with graphic cards.


  • It exhibits a study design
  • It’s affordable
  • This laptop includes DVD-RW drive for additional storage
  • It has long battery life. 


  • The graphics are limited to the user

9. ASUS VivoBook S

  • Intel Core i7 and a 4GHz clock speed
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD plus 1TB HDD storage 
  • 15.6-inch screen size and a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • Intel HD Integrated
  • The battery lasts up to 6 hours
  • Weighs 3.7 pounds

The Vivobook S is one of the most affordable SSD laptops in this list. Intel Core i7 powers it with a clock speed of 4GHz. This is enough to help you carry out different tasks simultaneously. 

While we have covered most laptops with a 16GB RAM in this list, this laptop is 8GB RAM probably the lowest so far, but still excellent for various tasks. Even more, this laptop combines both 128SSD and 1TB in storage space, which is a good alternative. 

The 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 is excellent and will give you better user experience. This laptop also comes with a ton of connectivity options so you can rest assured that you will connect your laptop to external devices when you need to. Also, this laptop is lightweight; weighing just 3.7 pounds and an excellent option for digital nomads. 


  • Ultra-thin design
  • Hybrid storage (combined 128 SSD and 1TB 
  • Brilliant display
  • A variety of connectivity options 


  • No dedicated graphics

10. Dell Inspiron 13 7000

  • 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 256GB SSD storage 
  • 13.3-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080
  • Integrated GPU
  • 3.08 pounds load capacity 

If your preference in the choice of a laptop is storage, this Dell Inspiron 13 7000 might be your cup of tea. However, you’ll spend a significant amount of dollars ($700), as laptops with this kind of storage tend to be expensive. Also, this laptop is an Intel Core i5 processor with a clocking speed of 3.4GHz. And because this isn’t the highest performance, rest assured of smooth computing experience. 

Again, there are a few compromises with this Dell Inspiron laptop. While 8GB of DDR4 seems to be something below average, it works best for most users. However, you can still boost its overall performance and efficiency with the additional 256GB of SSD storage. More often, the added storage isn’t efficient for most users, but you can always resort to an external drive to boost your disk storage. 

That said, the display compartment is working exceptionally well. The 13.3-inch Full HD along with 1920 by 1080 resolution provides clear visuals just as expected. While this is nearly the standard resolution, Dell is doing a fantastic job when it comes to bezels management. Meanwhile, you’ll have to settle for the integrated card instead of a graphics card because Dell isn’t a dedicated laptop. 

When it comes to connectivity, Dell Inspiron 13 7000 is incomparable. This is because it offers multiple USB ports, including an HDMI for an enhanced connection. You’ll also access some of the standard features such as lock ports and SD cards. While there’s no clear information on the battery life, you can anticipate around six hours after full charges. This laptop is one of the lightweight budget laptops in the Dell unit, weighing 3.8 lbs. 


  • This laptop is budget-friendly
  • It offers multiple connections
  • It includes an SD card reader


  • This laptop has a lower storage
  • The graphics are also of poor quality. 


You have probably listed the specifications you need besides the SSD storage technology. However, you can also put down your list of priorities depending on the desired purpose. For example, you might want to go for a laptop that can handle animations, play games and so on.

Similarly, you’ll need better storage space if you will have a ton of documents to save on your laptop. 1TB SSD is always recommended, but your budget might also determine this.

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