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Netbooks are small laptops designed mainly for internet applications, i.e., MS Office, MS Teams, and Skype. These are usually lightweight and easy to carry while commuting. The purpose of netbooks is to provide general laptop features, i.e., internet browsing, applications, file sharing, data storage, etc. They are inexpensive, and thus they lie in the same category as mobiles and cheap Chromebooks.

Moreover, they have a wireless connectivity facility, so if you are sitting in an airport lounge, you can update your Facebook if you have a netbook. The small form of computers is providing people with more excellent reliability and ease. Netbooks are slim and light, and their most significant advantage is that if you have a small budget, you can buy a reliable netbook with an efficient speed and performance. Netbooks have low RAMs and hard drive space, but they provide outstanding features.

Furthermore, now netbooks have Windows 10 availability too, and they are advancing with time. Netbooks are an excellent source of entertainment, which allows you to operate it without any hassle efficiently. Plus, a netbook is one of the smallest laptops available as most of them come with an 11-inch screen.

Here are our reviews of the 10 best netbooks. These provide portability, productivity and come at an affordable price with a good warranty as well as excellent customer service.

Best Netbooks in 2021

1. Asus VivoBook 14

This product is one of the best you can find in the market. Did you know that netbooks might be expensive, but you can get this one for under $500?

If you are a gamer and plan to buy a big-screen laptop with efficient quality and long-lasting battery life, Asus Vivobook 14 is the perfect device for you. This product has got wide fame and has been received with applause.

As the laptop has a low price and high quality, the laptop has grabbed a considerable market share, and thus for you, it’s a perfect choice.

The 15” screen allows you to easily watch your favorite movies or play your games because Intel HD Graphics 605 graphic card will enable you to have a smooth gaming experience. Moreover, it has Windows 10 S installed, and you can easily convert it to Windows 7 or Windows 8, depending upon your choice.

The hard disk installed is 128 GB SSD, so if you have large data sets and files for your official work, this product is the solution for you to store your data while enjoying a perfect gaming experience.

Weight matters in laptops, and thus, if you frequently fly or travel, this laptop will come in handy for you because of just over 3 pounds. While traveling, you can efficiently work on this machine because it has a long-lasting battery life of 8 hours.

Asus Vivobook 14 has a high-speed processor, i.e., three 6 GHz Quad-Core installed, and thus its operating speed is very fast. The ergonomic chicklet keyboard enhances your typing experience and increases your likeness towards this model. There are three USB slots in this device that enable you to ease and transfer your data from your phones or other electronic gadgets to your device.

Furthermore, it has an audible speaker plus headphone sockets as well. Its graphic card RAM size is 2 MB, and the processor is AMD Radeon R7 installed inbuilt. So this laptop is the perfect solution for your official and personal work.

2. Acer Spin 3

If you are low on budget and want a high-quality laptop, go for ACER Spin 3. This product has all the features you would like to have in your machine. Whether you are traveling to work or going on personal journeys, this Acer device will help you connect with the world or watch your favorite TV shows.

This device has an Intel Core i3-8130U processor installed with a maximum efficiency of 2.2 GHz. It allows you to significantly perform your office and personal tasks because it does not slow down while working. It also has a 4 GB DDR 4 RAM installed with WiFi and Bluetooth availability as well.

The design is versatile, and the battery life is efficient too. You can quickly work for straight 5-6 hours.

Acer Spin 3 has an inbuilt Windows 10 in S Mode installed, having 64 bits capacity. Also, it has a 128 GB solid hard drive as well. So if you are looking for massive data sets and files, this laptop is the perfect choice for you.

This device has a feature that allows you to turn it entirely backward and rotate the screen. It will enable you to use the machine while sitting in any position flexibly. 1 Lithium-ion battery is installed in this device, allowing you to perform your tasks smoothly. The item model number is usually SP314; it is readily available at every Acer outlet worldwide.

It has a touchscreen that allows you to have less dependency on a mouse and quickly scroll up and down with your fingers. This feature enhances the users’ experience, and that’s why this product has a considerable market. The 14 inches screen is enough for you to watch your TV shows or attend your office meetings. In just less than $500, this product is available at your doorstep with perfect quality and design.

3. HP Stream

HP Stream has one of the best graphic cards available in the netbooks series, i.e., Intel® HD Graphics 400, and thus you can enjoy playing games and watching movies. Moreover, its keyboard is a full-size island-style which lets you work quickly.

Many people have experienced concerns about hard drives, but this one has a 32 GB eMMC, one of the best markets. You can save a lot of materials, and thus its speed will not be compromised.

The audio features are great. It has a DTS Studio Sound plus two speakers, which will allow you to have a smooth gaming and movie experience. Furthermore, its sound is highly audible for you to understand. Apart from all these, it has a McAfee LiveSafe™ installed, which will let you save your data against any harmful viruses.

This machine can be used for office work as it has an original Office 365 Personal 1-year installed, which will let you perform your office work smoothly and flexibly. It is one of the best in the pack because it has outstanding features with economical pricing.

The operating system is Windows 10 Home 64, the best OS in the market. All the data sets are up to date, and you can efficiently operate it without worrying about product updates. Moreover, you will have Dropbox, OneDrive, and Skype services, which will allow you to access your official material from sitting anywhere in the world.

Memory is one feature that people never want to compromise because laptops work efficiently when they have high memory chips installed. This machine has 4 GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM (onboard) installed, and thus you can smoothly operate it. It is the best device under a very economical budget because it provides exceptional features at a low cost.

4. Asus 14″

ASUS 14” is one of the best machines you can get in the market at economical pricing. The device has outstanding features that let you experience the best laptop in the market. The machine is light and sleek. It allows you to carry it as its weight easily is light.

This item is efficient, and a 1.5 GHz processor has an integrated R2 graphics card. If you are a gamer, this laptop is one of the best choices you can make while buying it because it will enhance your gaming experience.

This device has an option for a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from the Microsoft Store. If you need a laptop for his/her official work, this ASUS is the perfect choice you have made. You do not have to worry about carrying it to your office because of its sleek design and lightweight.

ASUS 14″ has a 4GB RAM installed, which is sufficient for you to perform your official tasks and respond to your office meetings. The device has built software packages installed, i.e., Skype, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, etc., and thus it’s a number one choice for those looking for laptops under $400.

Microsoft Office 364 Personal subscription is there with this device, and you do have the choice to upgrade it once the offer expires. This machine allows you to work smoothly as its features are upgraded, and Windows 10 Pro automatically upgrades its features.

People always prefer to have laptops that have long-lasting battery lives, and that’s why you have chosen the right product as it lasts almost 5 hours through continuous use.

You have the choice to return this product if you receive it with defects. The customers have the right to claim their full refund if they receive a defective product. It puts you in a better bargaining position, and that’s why ASUS 14″ sleek is the best choice you have made.

5. HP Notebook 15.6 Premium Laptop

HP is one of the most preferred laptop brands globally because when you get an HP device, you get the warranty that it will help you perform your tasks smoothly. The machines are efficient, and they allow a perfect experience for the user.

HP Notebook Premium is widely bought and sold in the markets. You can easily buy this device for approximately $500. For $500, this device is the one that you can put your money in because of its fabulous features.

The touchscreen is a backlit display, and for gamers, this might not be a good option for personal work and official tasks. This device is the one you need to buy. Moreover, it has an inbuilt latest Windows 10 home 64-bit operating system installed. The device comes with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB hard disk. If you have a considerable amount of data to be saved, this machine is the perfect choice for your work.

Intel is the chipset brand for this device, and as we know, Intel has a popular brand image in the market. The 15.6 inches display allows you to watch movies as its speakers have an audible voice quickly. Another advantage of this device is that it has an AC power source and a battery charge.

Black is the perfect color for this device. Many people have chosen black HP Notebook Premium devices for their personal and professional uses. If you prefer to have a long battery life, this device is the one you need to buy because of its average 6-hour battery and running display.

It comes with a webcam, and thus it’s easy for you to attend your official meetings. The dual-core Intel processor lets you run files and documents quickly because it is smooth and has an outstanding user experience.

The touchscreen of this device helps people easily navigate the stuff, and thus it allows them to use their mouse rarely. Overall, it’s a 10/10 device and perfect for personal use, and therefore you should buy it.

6. Dell Inspiron 15 3000

Dell is the brand for you because it allows both gamers and professionals to choose it and perform their tasks smoothly. Dell Inspiron 3000 is the device for which your investment will not go wasted.

It is one of the most reliable laptops you can buy under a small budget. The touchpad’s accuracy will enhance your user experience, and precise pointing will make you finish your work faster.

The battery life is one of the best in the markets. Approximately 7-hour battery life is something you cannot resist yourself from buying the machine. The device is also heatproof, and it has been tested in both locker rooms and heated rooms.

The operating system is Windows 10 inbuilt, but you have the option to go for either Windows 7 or Windows 8 too. The 4 GB RAM is enough for your work and to watch your favorite movies. If you are looking for a reliable machine under a tight budget, do not think twice and buy this model as it’s the best you can get under a $500 account with some outstanding features.

Three different USB ports allow smooth and fast file transactions. Moreover, the voice-operated web searches enable users to reduce their dependency on the keyboard and go for voice searches.

The barriers installed are always the best ones. You do not have to remove them from time to time because their working life is long-lasting. The 11.6 HD is perfect for traveling because you surely do not want to have a big screen device while traveling, so it fulfills your needs.

One of the advancements which are still needed is that there are optical drives included with this device. The 32 GB eMMC Storage is the only storage capacity for the user. But it’s enough for you if you have to use the machine for your stuff. Please do not wait and grab this device because it’s the best choice for you under the market’s $500 budget.

7. HP Pavilion x2 Detachable

 HP Pavilion Detachable is one of HP’s most famous products because it gives you a feeling of having an iPad as well if you do not have one. What’s the best thing about this device? The upper portion can be easily separated from the lower part, and you can use it as an iPad, too, with touch screen features.

This machine’s battery life is more than 7 hours, and thus it’s the perfect choice for those who love to travel but want to keep themselves updated with the technology. The inbuilt Windows 10 provides all the unique features in other laptops, but this allows you to detach it. The lightweight device can be easily carried while commuting as it only weighs 2.5 pounds.

The Inter HD Graphics card enhances the user’s experiences of watching movies on this device. The hard disk installed is 32 GB SSD, which is enough to operate the laptop for your small personal use or professional work. The inbuilt software installed, i.e., Teams, Skype, Outlook, etc., is a perfect set of office collections for you. The display is 10.1″ in size, and thus, you have ease in carrying it while you are on your journey.

This device comes in silver color and has a rear webcam too. The AC and battery charging capacities allow you to reduce your battery life dependency, although this machine’s battery life is already highly efficient. There are 2 Lithium Polymer batteries installed in this machine.

The processor brand is Intel Atom Z8350, which is one of the best in the market. This product’s most preferred and outstanding feature is its detachable capability because not every laptop offers you this feature. Moreover, an inbuilt Bluetooth allows you to quickly access your files and folders and transfer your smartphone items to this device. Under a $500 budget, this device fulfills your needs, and that’s why you should go for it. The company takes the liability to accept the product within 30 days if found defective.

8. Dell i3162-0003BLU

This Dell model is a perfect netbook under a $500 budget. It’s one of the best in the market and designed by Dell. Also, Dell is famous for customized products as well.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable Dell product under a tight budget, go for this device. Although it does not have a touchscreen feature, this laptop is terrific to use. The screen size is 11.6 inches, which lets you carry the computer easily while commuting to and from your work.

The processor installed is 2.48 GHz, which provides a smooth speed while operating. The Celeron N3060 device installed enhances the user experience because of its ultra-smooth operations. The RAM is 4 GB DDR3, and thus it’s sufficient for personal and professional work, i.e., movies, emails, meetings, etc.

There are three different USB ports installed in this device, which allow users to connect with their files and folders easily. Moreover, if you prefer to have a long-lasting laptop with efficient battery life, Dell i3162 is the solution for queries. According to average data testing, this device has 9.5 hours of battery life, and that’s why it’s the most feasible and economical device you can use for your work.

The inbuilt Windows 10 adds further charm to this device because you have the option to go for either Windows 7 or Windows 8 too. The Bali blue color comes with this machine, which attracts people at first glance. The 2.82-pound machine is easy for you to take while you are commuting to and from work or traveling to another part of the world.

This machine has Bluetooth installed so you can quickly transfer your files to and from your smartphone. The best thing about Dell’s products is that they are long-lasting, and that’s why Dell has grabbed a significant market share. The HDMI is also available with this machine to easily connect it with projectors and present your presentations. Go for it at the first chance if you are low on budget but want the best quality.

9. ASUS L402WA-EH21

This Asus model is highly efficient if you have to perform official tasks, including meetings and other works. For this reason, if you have a low budget, this product is the answer to your concerns.

The supreme quality and feature of this laptop are that it has a Windows 10 S installed. Windows 10 S is an updated version of Windows 10 in which all the applications and programs are pre-verified and updated on time. In addition to this, this model has 32 GB eMMC Flash Storage and a 4 GB DDR3 Ram installed. You do not have to worry about its operating speed because it’s fast.

This laptop is easy to carry because it only has a small 14” inches screen, and thus if you love to travel with electronic gadgets, do get this item because its small screen size will easily allow you to carry it. It has a powerful AMD E2-6110 Quad-Core processor, enabling you to a perfect gaming experience, although its screen size is small for a regular gamer.

The Radeon R2 graphic card is installed, which helps you to run your programs smoothly. It weighs 3.64 pounds, so that’s why it’s your companion during commute because you will not feel heavyweight while walking.

Microsoft Office needs time, and this product has a 1-year full MS Office subscription installed by Microsoft. After the expiry ends, you can easily reinstall it by communicating with Microsoft.

This machine has an outstanding performance and probably the best in the Asus series. The pixels resolution is also perfect, i.e., 1366×768 and AMD CPU model.

It has wireless Bluetooth and a WiFi option, and that’s why you can easily carry it while away from home. You need an internet connection, and your device will be easily connected, and you can perform your tasks. The display technology is LCD in nature, and thus this is the best Asus model available at such a lower price for you.

10. HP Stream Laptop PC 11

HP is one of the finest brands in the market, and if you are willing to buy an HP product having a low budget, HP Stream Laptop PC 11 is the perfect choice you have made. The laptop is easy to carry.

The product has an Intel Celeron N3060 processor installed, which makes the work highly efficient. Since Intel is the best brand available, you will find a smooth working experience on this laptop. Moreover, it has an 11.6 inches screen that does not make it favorable for gaming, but you can efficiently perform your office work or watch your favorite dramas.

It does not have an optical drive and has a 32 GB eMCC card inbuilt. This device comes with Windows 10 but you the option to go for Windows 7 or Windows 8. Moreover, it’s 4 GB RAM is high enough for you to operate the product with a sufficient hard disk. If you have huge folders and big data sets of files, this product is built for you. Furthermore, if you are traveling to another city or country, you can carry it because it only weighs 2.57 pounds, one of the lightest laptops ever produced in the market.

The average working battery life of this product is 10 hours, according to the reviews put by Amazon. If you have loads of data sets to manage, this product is for you because it lasts longer than average laptops in the market. The product dimensions and the item dimensions are 8.1 x 11.8 x 0.71 inches, and this is a user-friendly item for you.

Microsoft applications are already installed when you will purchase this product. The screen resolution 1366 x 768, which is the maximum pixel you will get. Moreover, the memory speed is 1600 GHz, one of the fastest among all the HP products. The Stream series is the best investment you could make out of all the HP products.

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