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These days, you can get an outstanding laptop without overspending. With just $300, you can get an excellent laptop that works well with daily activities and some games. This article is here to help you determine the top budget laptops under 300 dollars, and if they are efficient enough for rigorous activities.

It is not convenient to choose the best laptop to use due to the contest that goes on between major laptop brands so much that recently developed laptops are released continuously. Nevertheless, this has become favorable to budget buyers since the price of laptops released not too long ago would definitely fall.

Therefore, there are many laptops under $300 that can conveniently execute daily online activities for seniors, watch movies, and play some video games.

However, it is essential to remember that laptops below $300 are still budget laptops: thus, they have a limit to how fast they can work. If you have an extra hundred you should consider a more powerful laptop under 400.

Since you know how competent these economical laptops are, let us explore the best laptops under $300.

Top 10 Best Budget Laptops Under $300

1. Asus Imagine Book 14”

Asus imagine book 14” was recently established, and it has a very luxurious structure, making it very magnificent. The top of this laptop is up to date with incredible friction, and also white in color. It is not only suitable for watching movies on Netflix and the likes, but also for video calls with its 14-inch full HD display and webcam and loudspeakers. This laptop’s keyboard and touchpad are straightforward and pleasant to use since the space between the keys are well spaced, and the touchpad makes it easy to utilize Windows 10.

The Asus imagine book 14” possesses all the essential slots and port, as well as USB type-c, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, and a space for a memory card. Besides, the Asus imagine book 14” measures 3.5 pounds only, the best to carry along when traveling.

The Asus Imagine Book is not only strong enough to perform day to day tasks but can also play games like Asphalt 9 due to its intel core m3 dual-core processor and Intel HD graphics. Its 4GB RAM assists in handling windows 10 very fast and keep important files with its 128GB storage.

In case you are a student and is searching for the top stylish and durable laptop that its structure is light, then this is the best. Also, if you are looking for a versatile laptop that is portable with long lasting battery, this machine is an excellent option.

2. Lenovo Chromebook C340

Are you considering an adjustable laptop that is below $300? The Lenovo Chromebook C340 is your best bet. Its 11-inch touchscreen can be revolved to make a tablet out of this laptop, with its hooks holding up whatever form the computer can take.

The Lenovo Chromebook is made out of aluminum, and its platinum gray color matches its black keyboard, presenting it in a polished way.  Although this laptop is compact, it is 2-in-1 and can be used as a regular laptop when traveling or in the class.

Even though this laptop lacks the optical drive, it is still straightforward to use since it possesses every standard port consisting of two USB type c ports, two USB 3.1, and a slot for a memory card. This laptop is powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron process that uses its 4GB to operated chrome OS well. It also has a storage of 64GB.

The Lenovo Chromebook C340 utilizes android apps. Meanwhile, it has a powerful battery, making it suitable for students and those embarking on a journey.

3. Dell Inspiron 11 3195 Convertible Laptop

This is another laptop made for those with a preference for an adjustable laptop below $300. Despite being made out of plastic, it is still very classy and top-notch, very ideal for extremely busy people. Its hook is useful to set it up to look either like a laptop or a tablet.

This laptop boasts of a touchscreen that is 11 inches. Although the touchscreen is very receptive, it is sometimes dull. However, it still gets by daily activities since its keyboard I designed explicitly for its compact size and is very easy to use, enough to doubt that it can be sold below $300.

This laptop is electrified using an AMD A9 double key processor combined with a 4GB RAM, with a storage space of 128GB. Even though this laptop’s model is not explicitly designed for gamers, one can use it to play games like Asphalt 9 and other games based on touch found in the Microsoft store. Comprehensively, this laptop is very adaptable and of great use for both students and business individuals in the office.

It is advisable to purchase the Dell Inspiron 11 3195 convertible laptop due to its magnificent touchpad and a wide scope of those that can make use of it. Besides, it is still below $300.

4. Dell Inspiron 3000 15.6”

If you are searching for a laptop that can be used for work-related activities with a playful side below $300, then this is for you. Like every other laptop produced by Dell, it is heat resistant. Therefore, no matter how long you spend on it to work or play games, it is always cool.

Its 15.6 inches LED illumination is firm with 1366 by 768 and characterizes a fixed camera and microphone for impeccable video calls. It possesses all necessary ports and slots needed to connect it to other gadgets with ease, alongside a required optical drive to play CDs and DVDs. Due to is high-powered battery life, energy-saving Intel core i3 processor followed by a 4GB RAM and integrated Intel UHD graphics, it can be used for various purposes, including playing games.

It also possesses an extra RAM slot that is capable of upgrading the RAM of the laptop to 8GB, thereby increasing its level of performance. It is bought with a preinstalled Windows 10 and a year accidental warranty from Dell. The icing of this laptop is, however, its stereo speaker made with the Maxx audio technology.

The Dell Inspiron 3000 15.6” definitely achieves the hopes the economic buyers expect since it is below $300. Although, its weight, which is about 5 pounds, might put some people off.

5. HP 14″

This is a modern laptop that has adequate hardware in it. It is electrified with an AMD Athlon 3000 double key alongside unified Radeon graphics. This qualifies it to be one of the best laptops below $300 that is good for playing games, although not all games can be played on it.

This laptop has a simple design that highlights its polished texture, and it is silver in color. Its screen is a 14-inch high definition resolution, giving one an excellent view of whatever it displays, and its speakers are top-notch. The ports in the HP 14z laptop are of high quality and are situated on each side of the computer where one can easily reach them.

This laptop has a RAM of 8GB and internal storage of 256GB enough to effectively perform whatever task you want to do, and keep all the files you need. In short, this laptop can efficiently work well with any daily task and also play games.

The HP 14z is a highly suggested laptop for students since it has a good battery life and also enough storage space to store the numerous assignments, coupled with its lightweight. Gamers who are looking for economical laptops can also consider its robust hardware. Although it is a little above $300, it is worth it.

6. Acer Aspire 1

Acer Aspire 1 is a very light and small laptop. It is the best for simply taking notes, browsing the internet, emailing, and the likes. Even though its structure is made out of plastic, it lasts long and does not deplete quickly.

The layout of this laptop is by far the finest that can be gotten below $300 since its 15.6-inch HD full display is very distinct when considering its price. Its double key Intel Celeron processor and 4GB RAM is best for simple procedures.

Although this laptop is purchased with a preinstalled Windows 10 and takes care of simple tasks with ease, its storage space, 64GB eMMC, is very low. Anyways, when comparing the price with the services provided, it is acceptable.

Generally speaking, the Acer Aspire 1 is definitely one of the top laptops below $300 that has a light structure and works well with daily activities.

7. Lenovo Ideapad 1

It is common knowledge among those looking for economical laptop brands that Lenovo is one of its kind. Lenovo idea pad 1 is one of its models that is not only delicate, strong, and long-lasting, but also perfect for business individuals and students due to its compact size and efficiency.

The Lenovo ideapad 1 is gray and has the Lenovo stamp precisely on the side of the top. Although its design is not well presented with its 14-inch screen, it is very suitable for daily tasks in the office. It only weighs 3.0 pounds even though one can quickly think it is heavier due to its density. This laptop’s connectivity is not complicated at all since it comprises an HDMI port, two USB 3.1 ports, and an SD card slot.

Regarding its performance, the Lenovo idea pad 1 possesses an AMD A9-9420E double central processor alongside a clock ratio of 2.7 GHz, that is combined with a RAM of 4GB. This laptop creates sufficient power to manage all the software and productivity apps daily in the absence of any form of delay. Although this laptop only has a storage of 64GB, which is much lower than similar laptops, it is still competent and can edit photos and play games well. Besides, the memory card can easily cover up for its storage.

Lenovo idea pad 1 is the foremost combination of work and play, making it the most nominated laptop below $300 for both business individuals and students.

8. Acer Chromebook 314

The Acer Chromebook 314 is among the high powered and elegant Chromebooks that are below $300. Although its outer structure is made of plastic, it resembles aluminum and is of high quality. Its 14-inch screen is the best in highlighting all angles.

Its operating system makes use of google chrome that only starts itself up within just five seconds, lesser than the time needed for windows powered laptops to start. It includes type-c ports situated on both sides of the Chromebook and a 3.0 USB; it also has swift, steady access to the internet.

This Chromebook is electrified using an intel Celeron double key processor with unified UHD graphics and a RAM of 4GB that is enough to switch in between 10-12 tabs at once. It has a storage space of 64GB with 100GB of Google Drive storage for storing files when both online and offline.

No matter where you are, you are assured of getting your work done very fast with this laptop. It is best for both business individuals and students because it is light and can last for about 12 hours.

9. HP 14 fq0013dx

HP 14-fq0014dx is not only of high quality but also one of the top laptops less than $300 due to its high-powered details in the hardware. It is electrified with an AMD Athlon double key processor and a RAM of 4GB, which jointly yields sufficient capacity for playing some games and working on some software.

The 14 inches screen is enough to take care of daily activities, including watching movies with its speakers. Its black color gives it a bold look, while the abrasive on the cover allows one to hold it with a single hand easily.

Its keyboard consists of a well-structured and exclusive keypad. It is furnished with necessary ports such as a 3.0 USB, HDMI, a type-c port, and also a slot for a memory card. Besides this, its storage space of 128GB is enough to store your files.

HP 14-fq0013dx laptop is definitely one of the best laptops below $300 since it is very light, performs daily activities well, and classy design.

10. Lenovo 100e Chromebook Second Generation

If you are looking for one of the best economic laptops in the market, the Lenovo 100e is a very realistic Chromebook that is below $300. It can be used in the kitchen or a place where water or liquids is easily accessible without you panicking over it since it has water and a spill-proof body and keyboard.

The Lenovo 100e is an economical Chromebook that never bargains with the quality and its operation in any way. It is electrified with an AMD A4 processor and a RAM of 4GB. Although it only has an internal storage of 32GB, the slot for the memory card makes up for it. It means you can upgrade the storage space by adding a memory card. Due to the stipulations provided by the hardware, it is easy to perform daily tasks with the chrome operating system.

This laptop not only performs very well but is also a very attractive Chromebook that has a combination of both gray and black colors. The design makes it look professional and stylish at the same time.                                                                                      

If you are in search of a very durable and robust laptop that can withstand rigorous activities, then the Lenovo 100e Chromebook is your best choice.


You’ve just read the top ten nominated laptops that are below $300. The laptops here are definitely up to date and comes from top brands. In short, these are much better options than any laptop under 200. Besides, we have made sure to nominate only laptops with positive feedback from those who have made use of it.

Finally, for a durable laptop buy Lenovo 100e, for a lightweight laptop pick HP 14-fq0014dx, and for a long-lasting battery life go for Acer Chromebook 314. We can’t choose for you but we can suggest to you. So, do well to pick anyone of your choice, and we guarantee that you won’t regret your decision.

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