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If you would like to know about the best laptop brands available right now before you make the purchase, you are reading the right article.

One thing you need to know before concluding on the best laptop for you is that your budget does not say it all, as you need to ensure that you are spending on the right brand in order to get the most out of your purchase.

The same thing applies to laptops and computers in general and there are few brands that you can trust to always produce reliable machines.

We all have our favorite laptop brand, and it’s vital to know how most of the brands are currently faring.

Best Laptop Brands in 2021

Choosing the perfect brand has become a difficult task since there are so many new models and brands flooding the market with attractive specifications.

Picking a laptop brand is more than looking at just the design and the processor speed. You will need to consider other factors like their customer service, value for money, durability, and much more.

You will need to perform a thorough research, which can be quite challenging for an average person, and that is the reason for this article.

Listed below are the top ten laptop brands that are known to exude quality, durability, and top-performance always.

I have listed them according to the components, customer service, price, users review, and the overall quality of their models.


Maybe you are a Windows fan, and you are interested in buying a laptop, one of the best brands that you can get right now is Dell. They have an excellent technical team, and their support service is impressive.

Most Dell laptops are relatively cheap, and most of their design and components are quite basic and decent. However, not everyone likes a simple design, and that’s the only reason why some people won’t buy their products.

For years, Dell wasn’t making the headlines or being mentioned among the top brands, but recently they launched their XPS series, which totally changed everything and brought them back into the discussion.

The Inspiron series notebooks certainly helped too. I should also mention the Alienware series that is arguably the biggest name in the gaming laptop industry right now with impressive ratings since its launch.

 There are many factors why Dell is number two on this list; their professional design makes it perfect for business people, reasonable prices, and durability.

There is always a Dell model that can perfectly handle your computing needs, and you can never go wrong these three series;  the Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware. Inspiron is the perfect one for budget users, the XPS is the high-end one that can handle anything, and the Alienware is basically for professional gamers.

The company has an impressive range of laptops that you can pick from, and I should also let you know that most of their notebooks come with the latest hardware that you can find, including touchscreens, backlit keyboards, high-end processors and excellent battery life.


Apple is easily the first one on the list because it belongs to the high-end category when it comes to laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and some other devices.

Unlike other brands, Apple has its own operating system, which is the Mac OS that comes preinstalled on its devices, which include iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the latest MacBook.

The brand is leading the pack in important aspects like customer service, design, intuitiveness, power, and display. Their laptops are stunningly built with the attractive backlit Apple logo on the back of the lid that makes it unique.

The Operating System is almost error-free, unlike Windows, and it’s quite easy to use. You do not need to be a ‘tech guy’ to use an Apple product.

The main reason behind Apple being the best is because they are always looking for new ideas to make life easier.

In addition, you can always rely on their products to last for a very long time. In terms of portability, Apple’s MacBook Air was the first laptop to be lightweight.

The laptops come with extra exciting features like the Retina technology that delivers smooth and clean display that you cannot see on any other brand.  

It’s also worth mentioning that most of their devices come with 14 days refund policy, which can be quite helpful. I’m sure that you will agree with me that they deserve to be the best laptop brand in 2021.


This is another laptop premium brand, although they can be quite expensive compared to other brands. However, their products are perfect for all computing purposes.

Whether you are a professional gamer, a college student, a business person, or maybe you just want a laptop that you can use at home, Lenovo has it all, although they are most popular for their business models.

Their laptops are attractive, and they are designed to last for years, you can check out the Yoga and Flex series that are among the best portable laptops of 2021.

The company has been manufacturing electronics for years, and they have made great strides in producing components such as graphics, touchpad, keyboard, display, and audio quality for their laptops.

Recently, the company launched its gaming brand, the Lenovo Legion, and they have promised to produce gaming laptops with similar components and resources as the famous ASUS’ ROG and Acer’s Predator.

You can expect them to deliver very soon, so if you are a fan of Lenovo and you love playing games, this is definitely some good news. The company has been known to offer powerful machines with the solid build quality.


Asus is another tech giant that is known for producing affordable machines compared to other brands. The reason might be because the company produces its motherboard, which gives them an edge over other brands.

Their mini-laptops and Chromebooks are quite affordable and powerful enough to handle general computing tasks.

Most of their components are of high quality, which includes displays, storage drives, and of course, motherboards. The company also produces other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.

Their wide range of fantastic products has made them to become relevant in the computer industry. Whether you are interested in a low budget laptop or you want to go for the high-end gaming machines, you can always trust Asus to deliver.

What makes Asus laptops unique is that you can still trust their budget laptops to always deliver a decent performance with full HD display and excellent battery life. This means that the brand cares about all its customers regardless of your budget.

In terms of gaming laptops, they have a list of amazing machines to show, the ASUS ROG series has become the perfect example of the brand’s excellence. There are a lot of gamers that now prefer ASUS ROG over MSI and Alienware gaming laptops.

Basically, Apple is the only brand that has more positive remarks than Asus on the internet. It’s clear that Asus has become a major laptop brand, and they will stay relevant for a long time.

5. HP

Hewlett-Packard, popularly known as HP, is considered to be one of the oldest manufacturers of electronic devices.

Over the years, the popularity has reduced. However, the brand is still the most reliable one when it comes to desktop computers and is widely used by professional gamers and business people.

As a laptop brand, in terms of durability, HP is far better than other popular laptop brands like Acer and Asus. However, the only drawback is the battery life, and that’s why a lot of people are avoiding HP products.

HP also manufactures other products like printers, desktops, and monitors that are used by the government, corporate bodies, and schools.

In terms of customer service, HP has an excellent technical team in major countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and England. I’m not sure about other countries, but you will hardly see anyone complaining about the company’s customer support system.

HP has a broad range of laptops that starts from as low as $200 to $2000: this means that almost anyone can use an HP laptop. Most of their laptops are equipped with powerful components that ensure that your computing needs are met continuously.

In terms of new innovative ideas, the company is doing little, and they can do so much more. Some of their popular series are Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, and Elite.

Overall, HP laptops might look basic and dull, but they are highly reliable and affordable. They also have an impressive warranty cover and customer support service.


You can always trust Acer laptops that represent value for money. Acer is regarded as one of the largest manufacturers of laptops in the world, and a lot of budget users are familiar with their laptops.

In fact, the company has been accused of flooding the laptop market with Chromebooks that are available from just $150. They also have some high-end gaming laptops and some impressive notebooks.

One of the best series is the Aspire that has more than a hundred notebooks for every level of user. You can basically find an Acer laptop anywhere in the world. The Aspire S7 is one of the most beautiful Acer products that are stylish and durable.

In terms of support, they are not really the best, but they are decent, and in terms of design, most of their models look basic.

However, the company recently launched the Predator series, which is specially designed for gaming, and some gamers are already going for it. Acer Chromebooks can also be improved, although the performance is decent, but the design is not impressive.

Overall, Acer is one of the top brands and perfect for anyone that is on a tight budget.

7. MSI

MSI is considered as one of the most popular brands in the laptop gaming world. The company is one of the best manufacturers of gaming laptops.

 It’s highly known for producing powerful high-end gaming laptops, and they hardly have any laptop for budget users.

Their machines are usually very costly, but the quality is also incredible. The company has a team that is dedicated to finding new innovations in making gaming laptops as real and fun as possible.

In terms of design, they can be quite adventurous, and I believe it always pays off. They’ve also released some lightweight high-end laptops for power users, but they are not really suitable for high-end gaming.

In terms of customer support, their service is not really encouraging because they do not offer 24/7 support. Most people that I’ve bought their machines have passed positive reviews. Almost all their laptops are equipped with high-end graphics and powerful processors.

Overall, MSI is clearly one of the brands that can match any other regular brand in terms of hardware.


This is another old computer brand that has been around for decades and now popular in the laptop world thanks to its flagship machine known as Microsoft Surface Book.

The company has limited options, and they are basically designed for professionals and business people. Another important thing that you need to know is that their laptops are quite expensive.

Recently, the company launched a new laptop which is very slim, lightweight and firm. Being an old brand, they have a very good customer support system, and you can also contact them through their social media pages.

The brand offers a decent warranty cover on all their products, but once you upgrade your laptop, you will lose your warranty. When it comes to innovation, Microsoft is definitely a top one with several useful programs MS Office, Skype, etc.

Their laptops also come with impressive batteries, the latest product sports a battery that can last for 12 hours, which is awe-inspiring.

Overall, Microsoft is one of the biggest technology brands that are passionate about technology, innovation, and design.


Toshiba is popularly known for producing multifunctional laptops that are perfect for daily use.  If you are on a low budget and you need a decent laptop for checking emails and watching movies, you should consider a Toshiba laptop.

Recently, the company launched the Satellite C series, the laptops that will be produced under this series will be slim and lightweight.

Toshiba has greatly improved the quality of the laptops and has produced some powerful machines that will easily last for years.

The company has a wide range of laptops for every kind of user, and you will definitely find one that will be perfect for you.

The company has improved the quality of its customer service department. A lot of people have complained about the poor customer service that they’ve experienced while trying to fix their laptops. Toshiba has worked on these complaints, and they are now doing great.

In addition, they are always looking for new ways to improve the design and performance of their laptops. They also have a few high-end laptops that are powerful enough to multitask and run high-end programs.

A lot of people are also buying their Chromebooks, and I just hope that they have fixed the bloatware issue that comes with every Toshiba laptop.


Samsung is one of the biggest makers of electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, and refrigerators. The company has also gone into producing laptops, and they have released some decent products.

However, they have a limited customer base when it comes to laptops, and the reason is not far-fetched. A lot of people avoid buying Samsung laptops because of the battery life and the boring design.

The Korean company has released some products like the ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus, which are quite popular.

And a lot of users have passed glowing remarks about the performance of the laptops. These machines are famous for their ultra-slim design and an impressive list of hardware specifications.

However, I did a research on a couple of their laptops, and they were decent but not really impressive. It seems it’s just the Book 9 Pro and Book 9 plus that are actually worth buying.

The company’s customer support service is also discouraging due to the fact you will need to pay for the shipping cost if you have to send the laptop to the company for repair. And to make it worse, they will not accept laptops that have been upgraded.

The company might be awesome when it comes to other electronics, but they will be the last I will recommend when it comes to laptops.

If they are serious about making a name in the computer world, they will really need to release more models at reasonable prices with powerful components.

Overall, the company is new to the laptop world, so it will probably take a while before they will get around it, so I will not recommend them to anyone yet because their products do not represent value for money.


I’m quite sure that you now know the best laptop brands in 2021 and my personal favorite for each of these brands. Most of these brands are popular, and you can go ahead and pick the one that will meet your computing needs.

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