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Best laptop accessories are a huge plus for any laptop whether you spend most of your time working on it or simply watch movies or check latest news time to time.

Below are some of the top-notch gadgets to accessorize your laptop and should look out for to help leverage your choices according to your needs. 

Best laptop accessories

1. Monitor – BenQ PD3200U

32-inch screen size

16:9 aspect ratio

A resolution of 3,840 by 2,160

Brightness of up to 350cd/square metres

4ms response time

Viewing angle of 178/178

1,000:1 contrast ratio

100% sRGB color support

Weight: 8.5kg


This monitor has a 4K resolution

It has a large screen


The design may appeal to some users

Some features are a little specific

With the advance in technology, most laptops are compatible with the 4K features. That’s why BenQ launched the PD3200U, which includes a 32-inch screen size with an HD display. 3D designers seem to love the display due to the CAD/CAM mode and colour accuracy. If you’re a game enthusiast, you’ll surely love the experience as it also includes a gaming panel. 

2. Laptop Stand – Rain Design mStand

17-inch laptop size

Exhibits aluminium construction 

Has a tray measuring 10 by 9.3 inches

6-inch height 

Average weight of up to 3 pounds


This laptop stand includes rubber grips to prevent unnecessary movements

The two-inch hole at the back comes in handy to help with cable management. 


The Rain design stand isn’t flexible

It’s not portable. 

While this design is tailored for MacBooks, users with Chromebooks and Windows PCs can also use it. The mStand exhibits Apple-like design, which is why it’s best when paired with Apple computers. 

And because this stand isn’t flexible, you need to set your portable PC at a fixed angle and raise it to six inches. The grippy rubbers at the base ensure your laptop is in place. Also, managing the cables is a no brainer with the large two-inch holes at the back. 

This mStand isn’t flexible, making it ideal for desktop users. You can either use it at home or work as long as your workspace can accommodate other accessories such as the keyboard and mouse. 

3. Laptop Cooling Pad – Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

Fans measuring 4 by 70 mm, 1 by 120mm

380 by 300 by 35mm pad size


The cooling level is spectacular

Depending on your needs, you can choose which fans to switch on 

The six different height settings allow you to adjust the pads to your needs


The fans aren’t durable

Kootek takes pride as the best company in making laptop cooling pads. Often, their laptops include five fans to deliver a significant amount of cooling while carrying out your tasks as usual. 

Additionally, the Chill Mat boasts the best versatility cooling pad that lets you switch off some of the fans while elevating it to different height settings. This cooling pad best pairs with 12 and 17-inch laptops, making it ideal for standard-sized computers. Also, the rubber stoppers at the front prevent the computer from sliding off. 

What’s more? This laptop cooling pad is of high quality with reasonable pricing, making it affordable for any average user. The best part is that it’s a robust cooler pad, meaning you can use it for multiple tasks, the type regardless. 

4. Laptop Mouse – Logitech MX ERGO Advanced

The battery is rechargeable

It has a precision scroll-wheel

Exhibits a dual connectivity

It has a cross-computer control

It exhibits an ergonomic chiselled design


This mouse includes a 20 degrees tilt feature that lets you move your wrist easily without causing any strains.  

The chiselled design is compatible with most users and often, allows your hand to rest naturally.  

With the trackball, moving the cursor from place to place is a no brainer as it enhances the wrist movement, reducing injuries. 

The dual connectivity, which includes the unifying receiver and Bluetooth exhibits an exceptional battery life of up to 4 months. 


While the trackball enhances cursor movements, a lot of effort is required for maintenance that a standard mouse. 

Adjusting to the trackball can be a challenge to new users. 

This mouse is only compatible for right-hand users. 

Although most users find it challenging to adapt to this mouse, the flexible hinge will let you tilt the mouse up to 20 degree, which is the most preferred natural position to rest your hand. Also, consider adjusting the mouse to your preference if the angle isn’t comfortable to you.   

This will not only enhance your comfort but also reduce the chances of developing nerve pains, strain injuries, and irritation in the fingers as a result of unnatural twists to your wrists. Additionally, the sculpted design of the Logitech MX ERGO will let your hand rest when using the mouse.  

Unlike other ordinary mice, this model also includes a soft rubber coating at the top to keep your hands warm. For efficiency, make sure that your hands conform to the mouse to prevent any strain injuries in the future. 

5. Laptop Bag – Peak Design Everyday Messenger

This laptop bag measures 16.9 by 7.1 by 11.8 inches

Accommodates weight of up to 2.4 pounds 

It can hold a maximum capacity of 14-18 litres. 

This laptop bag is available in two colors


This laptop bag design includes a magical maglatch clasp system

You can customize the storage dividers to your preference

The laptop sleeves are zippered

Exhibits a sleek minimalist design


This laptop bag is more expensive compared to ordinary designs 

Laptop bags are essential accessories for portable computers. And while Peak designs tend to be expensive, it’s worth spending your dollars in it due to the robust features it offers. For example, the magnetic MagLatch feature ensures your bag is secure at all times. Also, the customizable storage dividers allow you to configure your storage to your needs.   

Additionally, the peak design everyday messenger includes an adjustable strap, extra hip straps, and padded laptop sleeves to enhance your everyday comfort, preventing repetitive shoulder and back strains. Although most of these designs are tailored to photographers, it’s one of the best laptop bags an average user can buy. 

6. Laptop Webcam – Logitech HD Webcam C920

The screen resolution measures 1920 by 1080 

The Logitech HD Webcam C920 measures 1.14 by 3.70 by 94

FPS is 30


This Webcam exhibits an exceptional video quality

It’s affordable to any ordinary user

It has a broad-angle lens


This Webcam includes a complicated software

Whether a photographer or a Youtube star, the $60 Logitech C920 HD Webcam can be a good bet. First of all, the camera is 1080p and includes a color accuracy that produces crystal clear images. Even though the software is complicated to use, tons of features lets you adjust angles, implement filters, and use the camera as backup storage for your photos and videos.  

Additionally, this Webcam offers better value for money. For $60, rest assured of clear and elegant images in the future. If you’re an aspiring photographer, then you should give it a try and share your experience.  

7. Laptop External Hard Drive – Silicon Power 1TB

Powered by silicon 

Has a storage capacity of 1TB 

Includes a 3.0 USB port


This external hard drive exhibits cable carry design for convenience

The silicon power 1TB is compatible with multiple devices

It includes a shock and waterproof protection


This external hard drive offers significant storage for your files

Although it’s a new release in the market, users seem to love it due to the significant storage capacity of 1TB and its compatibility with a variety of computers, including PS4 and Xbox. Additionally, this hard drive can withstand harsh conditions and offer protection from shock and water. Upon purchasing it, you’re offered a three-year warranty.    

If you’re hoping to carry it along with you, then this might be your cup of tea. Its lightweight design makes it portable and can survive any rough handling due to the protection features. 

8. Laptop Headphones – Edifier H650 Hi-Fi Foldable

Edifier is a renowned brand for its exceptional sound

The Edifier H650 Hi-Fi Foldable headphones exhibit a compact design and are available in multiple colors


There are a variety of color options to choose from

This headphone is a bit pricey

It exhibits a compact design


Sadly, you’ll have to buy batteries separately as they aren’t included

The big size is a turn off to some users

Let’s face it – choosing the right headphone for your laptop can be a daunting prospect. While there are tons of recommendations online, experience may vary depending on the user. Fortunately, the Edifier H650 is one of Amazon’s top choices you can try out. It’s recommended for professional audio use so you should anticipate some decent quality from its products.   

Additionally, the H650 comes in a variety of colors, which means you can make your choices from blue, yellow, pink to violet. Because it’s foldable, you can customize it to your needs or even carry it with you wherever you go. Your comfort is also guaranteed as the cups are made of plush leather which enhances the cushion experience. 

Despite the plastic construction, this headphone is sturdy due to the satin headband. You can also adjust it for any type of head. 

9. Laptop Docking Station – StarTech Thunderbolt

This laptop docking station has two-thunderbolt 3 ports

USB port

Gigabit ethernet cable

Display port

Type-A USB

Mini-jack measuring 23.5mm


The laptop docking station includes thunderbolt 3

The docking station comes with a variety of ports


StarTech thunderbolt is a bit pricey

StarTech takes pride as the best Thunderbolt 3 docking station. Usually, docking stations will require a significant number of leads, which is contrary to StarTech’s advanced offerings. The design best pairs with slim notebooks that use a single cord. 

In addition to the slim design for portability, this docking station is compatible with dual 4K displays and offers connectivity for up to three devices with USB 3.0. On top of that, you’re provided with Gigabit Ethernet connection and DisplayPort integration that lets you charge your mobile devices. So despite being expensive, there are tons of benefits to enjoy, making it a better value for money. 

10. Laptop Desk – LapGear eDesk Lap Desk

Accommodates up to 15-inch laptops

This laptop desk is lightweight

Exhibits a slim design

It has a flat surface


The smooth, flat surface enhances your laptop’s ventilation

This laptop desk includes a tapered pillow that conforms to your laps, improving comfort and stability

The ergonomic wrist pad comes in handy to provide a smooth typing experience while preventing your laptop from sliding off


The bean bag under the lap desk is poorly made

Sadly, the tapered pillows under the eDesk do not prevent lap irritation from the plastic top

While your comfort isn’t fully guaranteed, the LapGear eDesk can be a good bet for users who want something portable and lightweight. Additionally, this desk includes a padded laptop rest that prevents repetitive wrist pains. The tablet slot set aside can be customized to your needs, or you can even cover it up using your laptop if you don’t intend to use it. 

The best of all is that the eDesk is wide enough to accommodate a 13-inch laptop, even though the maximum weight it can hold is 1.4 pounds. This desk appears bulkier in your laps due to the fabric design at the handle. Also, this desk comes in a variety of colors so you can choose your preference. 

11. Laptop Keyboard – Logitech K350

The Logitech K350 includes membrane type of keys.

Uses 2x AAA batteries 

Includes a one-year warranty

Measures 18.9 by 9.9 by 2.9 inches


The compact design includes a complete set of multimedia keys

The battery life is exceptional

The Logitech K350 exhibits a wireless connection 


The design is outdated

Whether you’re operating on a desktop or portable computer, the Logitech K350 wireless keyboard comes in handy to promote smooth experience at your comfort. Not only that, but this keyboard also includes a built-in wrist-rest that lets your hands rest naturally. Additionally, the complete set of keys is tailored to a specific use.

This model is one of the best Amazon’s reviewed keyboards, and as such, the experience remains top-notch. The battery life is excellent, and when connected over Logitech’s USB receiver, it can last up to three years. This keyboard best pairs with Windows devices as Logitech recommends it for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows XP.

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