10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $2000 in 2021

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There is nothing new in that the absolute best laptops are gaming laptops. These laptops are specially made with amazing specifications to handle the most demanding games you can buy.

Amazingly, gaming laptops can fit even 10th-generation processors and powerful graphics cards into such small spaces.

Here is the thing, though. Getting a good gaming laptop is quite easy, but getting the best laptop that will offer the most value for your money is quite tricky, especially if you are going to be spending a fortune. You may need to do some research and weigh your options before deciding which is best for you.

In this article, we have painstakingly sorted through the options available and arrived at the top gaming laptops under the $2000 price range.

Are you on a tight budget, let’s have a look at the best gaming laptops under 2000?

Best Gaming Laptops Under 2000

1. Alienware M15 R4

Alienware M15 R4
CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10870H (8-Core, 16MB Cache, up to 5.0GHz Max Turbo Frequency)
RAM: 16GB 2933MHz DDR4
Storage: 512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Display: 15.6-inch FHD (Full HD 1920 x 1080) 144Hz 7ms 300-nits 72% color gamut
  • Advanced heat management
  • Dual-exhaust airflow
  • Rapid refresh rate
  • Top class performance
  • Battery reduces quickly

The sub-brand of Dell, known as Alienware, was developed specifically for gaming laptops. The Alienware M15 R4 is no exception, as it is one of the best laptops we’ve seen so far.

Good thermals are essential for any gaming laptop to prevent any heat buildup. Unlike other laptops, this one does not compromise thermals because it has an evaporator chamber separating the CPU from copper heat pipes. 

Further, with six cores, the Intel Core i7-10870 serves as this device’s processor, enabling it to operate at a maximum clock speed of 5.0GHz. Meanwhile, the RTX 3060 GPUs can perform any graphics-intensive tasks. 

With its 8GB GDDR6 dedicated video memory, this GPU meets all graphics requirements to handle high-end games at the highest settings. You can play most high-end games on the system if the CPU and GPU are combined appropriately. 

Moreover, it has 16GB DDR4 RAM with a transfer speed of 2933MHz. There is 1TB of storage provided, which is sufficient to store larger files. The build quality of this Alienware laptop is excellent with durable construction. Its 15.6-inch screen offers 1920 x 1080p resolution so that you can enjoy games at full HD resolution.

2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
CPU: AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 9 2.30 GHz
Storage: 1TB SSD
Display: 14 Full HD 120Hz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • High refresh rate
  • Smooth performance
  • Full HD display
  • Ample storage space
  • No SD card reader

If you want faster performance while running thrilling games at a reasonable price, ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is the best option. With strong features and an elegant design, the ROG Zephyrus G14 provides a satisfying gaming experience. 

This machine features an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor and 16 GB of fast memory, giving you the power to play exciting games. The device is small, lightweight, and highly portable, so you won’t get tired of holding it for a long period. 

Further, this laptop comes with an Nvidia RTX 2060 card and 6GB video RAM. Thanks to its sturdy construction, the laptop is built to last. Aside from gaming, it also performs exceptionally well for other productivity tasks such as photo editing. 

The display on this PC boasts 14-inch Full HD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. It has good color coherence because it covers 100% sRGB. Overall, the laptop is a reasonable pick if you look for decent gaming performance and content creation.

3. MSI GL66

CPU: Intel Core i7-11800H
Storage: 512GB SSD
Display: 15.6 144Hz FHD 1080p
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
  • Better visual performance
  • Supercharged graphics
  • Mighty hardware
  • 85W GPU

MSI is another leading brand in the gaming industry. A good laptop in the gaming category would be the MSI GL66. This laptop comes with a well-known chip, the Intel Core i7-11800H, enough to handle complex tasks. 

On top of that, it comes with an RTX 3070 that gives it more gaming power. The GPU, however, does not utilize 130W to its full potential and can only handle 85W. The performance of graphics-intensive tasks has decreased as a result. 

However, it is still excellent in many situations. The quality of the construction is good with plastic materials. The sRGB keyboard gives it an extra degree of durability. 

Thanks to the RGB Backlit support and the powerful internals, the gaming experience becomes even more enjoyable. At the front, the display measures 15.6 inches and has a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

 The display is also 100% sRGB, which makes it capable of good color accuracy. As such, it should not be problematic for content creation, such as editing 4K videos or professional photography.

4. Dell Gaming G15 5510

Dell G15 5510
CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10870H (16MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 8 cores)
RAM: 16GB 2933MHz DDR4
Storage: 512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Display: 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 120Hz 250 nits WVA Anti- Glare LED Backlit
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 with 6 GB GDDR6
  • Better thermal management
  • Supports Thunderbolt 4
  • Elegant design
  • Low battery life

There are many best gaming laptops under $2000 on the market, and the Dell G15 5510 is among those. The laptop has a 15.6-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. 

Furthermore, this laptop has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is not unprecedented for laptops, but its price makes it a worthwhile investment. An Intel Core i7-10870H processor with a Hexa-core CPU clocking in at 5.0GHz is also available. 

In addition, a 6GB GDDR6 graphics memory is available with the RTX 3060. As for the design, it has the typical heavy-duty construction of a Dell gaming laptop. A backlit RGB keyboard ensures a more battery-friendly gaming experience. 

The memory solution includes 16GB of DDR4 RAM that operates at 2933MHz, while it also comes with 512GB of SSD storage. It has solid hardware and ample storage, making it a great laptop. However, gaming laptops in this category are generally lighter and thinner than this one.

Further, a range of connectivity options, including WiFi 6, are available.  Regarding its shortcomings, it has a battery that lasts only 3-4 hours. All in all, this gaming laptop comes in at under $1500, which is a reasonable price.

5. Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300
CPU: i7-11800H (8 cores and 16 threads)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage: 512GB PCIe Gen 4 SSD
Display: 15.6 Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS LED-backlit 16:9 aspect ratio 3ms 144Hz refresh rate
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (6GB dedicated GDDR6 VRAM)
  • Color-accurate screen
  • AeroBlade fan
  • Highly responsive display
  • Fan noise

Acer Predator Helios 300 is an excellent choice under $2000 if you need plenty of storage and RAM. With 16GB of DDR4 memory transferring at 3200MHz, the Predator Helios 300 from Acer provides satisfactory performance. 

Additionally, it contains M.2 SSD storage of 512GB. Both the Storage & RAM can be upgradable to meet your specific requirements if needed. Its high-performance Intel Core i7-11800H processor can handle even the most challenging tasks without any issues. 

New Intel 11th Generation processors utilize a 10nm SuperFin process with variable base speeds ranging from 1.9GHz to 2.3GHz. When faced with heavy workloads, the chipset can reach speeds of up to 4.7GHz. 

In addition, the octa-core CPU comes with the latest graphics card from Nvidia, the RTX 3060, offering 6GB of VRAM.  The overall performance is excellent, considering CPU and GPU power are quite good. 

The advanced cooling system and RGB keyboard make it an ideal gaming device. While playing intensively, it usually stays cool. Besides, the screen measures 15.6 inches, and it has a refresh rate of 144Hz. 

The display showcases excellent color accuracy, and it supports 100% of the sRGB color space, which makes it ideal for content creation applications. Under $2000, Acer Predator Helios 300 is an excellent gaming laptop.

6. MSI Stealth 15M

MSI Stealth 15M
CPU: 11th Gen. Intel Core i7-11375H
Storage: 512GB NVMe
Display: 15.6 FHD 1080p 144Hz Thin Bezel
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
  • Multi-color RGB backlighting
  • Thunderbolt 4 supported
  • Better build quality
  • Upgradable
  • Anti-ghost keys
  • Screen flickering problems reported

This list would not be complete without the MSI Stealth 15M. This gaming laptop is among the cheapest options with a price under $2000, so people on a budget can certainly consider it. 

In terms of specification, the laptop has a 15.6-inch display which offers a 144Hz refresh rate. Since the screen can be viewed from many angles and is bright, it can also be used in the sun, although most people keep it indoors. 

This display offers a high refresh rate, which makes it an ideal choice for gamers. With a max clock speed of 4.8GHz, this laptop uses the Core i7-11370H processor, a quad-core chipset. 

Compared to 10th gen. The new series offers higher clock speeds; however, they consume less power, which makes them better suited for power-constrained applications. 

Furthermore, a modern graphics card like the RTX 3060 is equipped with 6 GB of GDDR6 video RAM, efficiently running high graphics games without any problems. 

Despite its rough & tough design, it is a solid laptop for gaming with a sleek design that attracts people with its eye-catching aesthetics. There is 16GB DDR4 RAM in the device, which you can expand further via dual-channel slots. In addition to the 512GB SSD storage, the laptop delivers fast read and write speeds.

7. Acer Predator Triton 500

Acer Predator Triton 500
CPU: 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10750H 6-Core Processor (Up to 5.0GHz)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2933MHz
Storage: 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD (2 x PCIe M.2 Slots with 1 Slot Open for Easy Upgrades)
Display: 15.6 Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED-backlit IPS display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology; 300Hz; 3ms; 300nit; 100% sRGB
GPU: Overclockable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Graphics with Max-Q Design & 8 GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM
  • Extensive connectivity
  • High-quality graphics
  • Customizable lighting
  • Bulky design

The Acer Predator Triton 500 continues the company’s tradition of designing top-of-the-line gaming laptops. Within the given price range, it has everything a high-end gaming laptop would have. Although it has plastic construction, the laptop is durable. 

Also, you can avoid the heating problem through excellent thermal management. It additionally comes with an RGB keyboard which allows you to customize the colors. Another area where Triton 500 excels is in performance. 

A screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and a refresh rate of 300 Hz is also present in the laptop. This laptop has an impressive display, especially having the power of a gaming laptop. 

Despite the laptop’s purely gaming design, you may experience some battery-related issues. Triton is a gaming laptop, so there is a possibility of heat buildup. This situation has been addressed by the addition of an AeroBlade 3D Fan. 

Three fans are present collectively, and the thermals are well controlled. There is also 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD on this Triton laptop. Despite its modest battery, this gaming laptop comes in at around $2000.

8. Asus ROG Strix G17

Asus ROG Strix G17
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Processor (16M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD
Display: 144Hz 17.3 Full HD 1920x1080 IPS
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost up to 1802MHz at 115W (130W with Dynamic Boost 2.0)
  • Good thermal management
  • Multi-color RGB keyboard
  • Reliable connectivity
  • No webcam

Asus ROG Strix G17 is an ideal laptop for gamers who want the latest gaming features reasonably. A 17.3-inch FHD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p surrounds the front portion. 

Displays like this one have high refresh rates like 144Hz, which is suitable for gaming at 1080p. A 512GB storage space provides ample storage for all your files as well as 16GB of RAM for playing your favorite games.

Due to its design, the laptop is extremely flexible and portable, meaning you can place it in a backpack with ease. In addition, the laptop is equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor to deliver top notice performance. It features a 16-core architecture with an octa-core design which offers an increased speed to 4.6 GHz. 

Furthermore, the RTX 3060 GPU comes from the latest lineup of the RTX 30 series to provide enhanced graphic processing. In addition, the laptop does not come with a webcam. So, if your work requires you to use an external camera, you will have to purchase it.

9. Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 8 cores 3.2 GHz
Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD
Display: 15.6 FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti
  • High-speed data transfers
  • Reliable TrueStrike keyboard
  • Positive
  • Minimalist design
  • Cooling issues

Lenovo’s Legion series hardly necessitates an introduction because it’s already quite popular in the gaming industry. Lenovo Legion 5 has established itself as one of the company’s most successful gaming laptops. It includes a GeForce RTX 3050 card, which can handle better graphical tasks.

In comparison to the RTX 2060, the graphics card delivers a very immersive gaming experience. There is no problem playing almost all games, except for games with intensive graphics. 

As far as processors are concerned, it includes Ryzen 7 5800H which uses TSMC’s 7nm FinFET technology. Since the structure is small, it is highly power efficient. Despite being able to exceed 4.4GHz, the clock speed at which it operates is 3.2GHz. 

Performance on both the CPU and GPU is impressive. In addition, it comes with 16GB RAM and 512GB of SSD storage. A sufficient amount of RAM makes it possible to process data more efficiently and store large files. A 15.6-inch screen with a refresh rate of 165Hz on the laptop makes gaming a pleasure.


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H (2.9 GHz base clock, up to 4.3 GHz max boost clock, 4 MB L2 cache, 8 cores)
RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)
Storage: 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
Display: 15.6 diagonal FHD, 144 Hz, IPS, anti-glare, micro-edge, WLED-backlit, 300 nits
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • Bluetooth 5 combo supported
  • Wide Vision HD camera
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Might run noisy

HP OMEN is the last product in our list of best gaming laptops under $2000 that gamers love to own. With the HP brand quality and durability, a series like this has a lot to offer. 

The specs of this laptop include a 15.6-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. You can achieve enhanced image quality and sharp visuals via the provided panel. 

It also features a high refresh rate that enables smooth gameplay. AMD’s Ryzen 7 4800H chipset is present in the laptop, which delivers immersive power by utilizing its octa-core processor. 

Aside from its super-powerful capabilities, this chip also uses the 7nm TSMC architecture to reduce power consumption. Additionally, the laptop offers 8GB RAM and 512GB storage, which might not be enough for some latest high-end games.

How to choose a gaming laptop under $2000?

Top-tier specifications for display, processors, and especially the graphics card are some of what you can expect from a gaming rig. However, while any gaming laptop will excel with any RPG, FPS, or RTS game you install, performance varies greatly with the price.

You have a lot of options to choose from for your next gaming laptop. Are you interested in a portable, lightweight, sleek rig that can travel long distances? Are you the type to prefer larger 17-inch display setups? Is something moderate and in-between more to your speed?

Do you have any preference for liquid coolant? Is a laptop that needs an external mouse more to your taste? Are you the type to prefer extensive night-operation capabilities with your display? All these play a significant role in your choice among the ten options we have prepared for you below.

One thing to note is that gaming laptops can also perform brilliantly for other tasks. Examples include video rendering, graphics design, audio editing, and many more graphics-demanding tasks.

These are tasks that simply devour memory space and processor speeds. Rest assured that despite the cheap price tag, these laptops will have absolutely no problem excelling here.

What features look for in a gaming laptop?

An ideal gaming laptop comes with a 17-inch screen, which is a bit of a leap from the standard 15.6-inch that you are used to. And that is understandable as bigger displays will give you an overall enjoyable gaming experience.

While most of these laptops are capable of operating at the same level as your favorite desktop rig, they require a lot of power and can be a little bulkier and heavier than standard business laptops.

If you want something compact and portable, you may need to sacrifice some raw power under the hood and settle for a laptop with lesser graphical capability.

Most of the gaming laptops won’t come with a 4K display at their price range. And at this point, 4K resolution may seem like overkill as you can have an enjoyable gaming experience with excellent graphics even without such an extremely high resolution. But if you can afford an additional grand, getting a 4K-enabled laptop is never a bad idea.

What do you need for gaming?

As a gamer, your primary concern is always the graphics card, as all other components can be easily upgraded. If you can get your hands on a Cache, that is more than great too. In most cases, you’ll need to play give-and-take between your graphics card and your RAM capacity.

High-tier laptops have a default 17-inch display, but you can afford to go for a smaller size if you keep your eye open for the specs you’re offered. You won’t get 4K screens in gaming laptops under 1500, but as long as you pay attention to your model/brand specs, you’ll be fine.


Battery life is a perennial problem you’ll face when dealing with gaming laptops, and its best to learn to live with it.

Most also tend towards being bulky and rugged in design. You’ll be hardpressed to find a sleek, high-performing gaming rig with long battery life, so watch out for that.

They also heat up quickly because of the ridiculous power being devoted to rendering graphics, so you may want to invest in some extra cooling.

Extended warranties are also very rare in this species of laptops.

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