Will a Factory Reset Make My Laptop Faster?

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A lot of people believe that using the factory reset option will make their laptop work faster. This belief is quite reasonable because using the factory reset option means that you are resetting the laptop back it how it was out of the box.

However, is it efficient?

Does it make your laptop work faster or do you need to look for other methods of getting the best out of your laptop?

Will a factory reset make my laptop faster?

Yes, a factory reset will make your laptop work faster, but do not forget doing this will also erase the files that you have on your laptop which is one of the reasons that will make it work faster.

However, if you do not care about the files and programs on the laptop or you have the important files on an external drive, carrying out a factory reset might be a good idea. You can follow the tips below to factory reset on both Windows and Mac laptops.

How to factory reset on MacBook

  • You will need to switch off your MacBook
  • Switch it on again while pressing the Command Key + R
  • Click on the storage option named Mac HD, and erase it.
  • Switch on your Macbook and reinstall the Mac OS
Like I mentioned earlier, ensure that you have a backup for all your important files and documents before you carry out this process.

How to factory reset on Windows

  • Locate the Settings option
  • Navigate to ‘Updates & Security’ and click on it
  • Click on the Recovery option
  • Locate the ‘Reset this Device’ option and click on ‘Get Started’
  • You will see a list of files and programs that will be deleted, if you want to go ahead, click on Reset.

How to factory reset without losing files

One of the effective ways of saving your files in case you want to factory reset your laptop is cloud storage. It’s quite easy to save anything in any of the cloud services e.g. Google Drive. Once you are sure that you’ve saved all your important files, you can now go ahead with your factory reset.

An alternative way is to buy an external drive that you can use to store all your important files. You can easily get an SSD with massive storage space; they are quite cheap and readily available.

Also, if you are going to carry out a factory reset, do not forget that it will send everything back to default settings which means you will need to modify and adjust everything to their previous state.


The factory reset option is the easiest and most effective way of restoring your laptop to default settings and make your laptop faster. The only issue you might likely experience is the possible loss of all the data that you have on your device.

The trick is to ensure that you have all your files on an external device before you start the process.

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