Why Is Alienware So Expensive?

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Alienware is a Dell subsidiary that makes computer hardware specifically designed for gamers. 

As compared with other brands, Alienware products are quite expensive, but they provide the best gaming experience. 

But, what makes Alienware products so expensive?

8 Reasons Why Alienware Is Expensive

Top-tier design, latest hardware specifications, exceptional performance, and next-level cooling system make Alienware expensive. Alienware laptops have unique specs and features and trendy looks and designs. The vast majority of people consider Alienware the best gaming company globally. Therefore, the price is higher because of these factors.

1. Exceptional Design

Do you have any experience using other brands like Asus or HP? If yes, then I’m sure you would agree that they may have previously built decent-looking laptops, but now in terms of their design or technical aspects, they tend to be inferior.

Fortunately for you, Alienware isn’t like that; since the company understands what its consumers need, and since they cater mostly to hardcore gamers, their design and build primarily cater toward aesthetic enthusiasts.

To meet such high expectations and meet such demanding requirements, it is more important than ever that the design is top-notch with top-notch quality.

Alienware Fans crave all kinds of flashy looks and RGB illuminations all over their laptops, which is why manufacturers invest in a patent-pending design that designers and engineers constantly rethink.

2. Latest Hardware Specifications

In gaming, the most important thing isn’t just the exterior but also the interior of your laptop. It is typical for newer franchises to make their upcoming installments of games have textures with high definition, so high-end hardware specifications must be used to run the game smoothly and at steady frames.

As Alienware laptops are designated as “Gamer Ready” laptops, the manufacturer ensures that every product they produce is up to date with all the latest hardware. 

It means that it should not just be able to play games of that era, but it should be future-proof in the sense that it should be able to deal with upcoming new games. Consider the Alienware m15 as an example. 

The Nvidia 30 series graphics card, the latest graphics card generation, is on board. While many alternative gaming brands often overlook specifications, Dell Subsidiary Alienware’s commitment is to giving their customers the best and latest hardware.

3. Exceptional Performance

Alienware laptops look good, but their price won’t convince anyone to buy them just because of their design. The exceptional performance and speed of Alienware gaming laptops encourage users to spend thousands of dollars on them.

Alienware laptops feature Intel’s latest Core i7 and i9 processors and 12 phases of incredibly efficient voltage regulation. This laptop can achieve a multi-threading performance of eight cores and 16 threads. Simply put, Alienware laptops enable you to multitask like a pro.

Furthermore, Alienware laptops come with a unique thermal system called Advanced Cryo-Tech. These laptops come with load-balancing heat pipes, a high-voltage fan, and copper fin stacks to prevent overheating during intense gaming.

The Alienware laptops also come with the option of SSD Raid configurations up to 4TB. As a result, you can easily upgrade your hard drives whenever you want to increase your transfer rate and storage capacity.

Some users do not want to pay more for SSDs, so they overclock their CPU to increase performance. It is not easy with most computers since doing it wrong can damage the CPU. 

That is not the case with Alienware; they include an overclocking control module within the gaming rig as a command center. This module lets you effortlessly overclock the laptop.

4. High Refresh Rate

It is not enough to display rich color output and vibrancy for gaming laptops. It is also essential to have a high refresh rate of 144hz or 240hz. 

It will allow the player to have the edge over their competitors in competitive online gaming without input lag or excessive frame rates. 

With adaptive refresh technology and G-Sync with a whopping 1ms delay, these displays are unmatched in gaming laptops by Alienware.

5. Superb Ergonomics Keyboard

The keyboard design of Alienware laptops feels similar to that of a mechanical keyboard that acts very quickly and has excellent travel distance. 

In addition to the fantastic gaming keyboards that Alienware laptops come with, the RGB color illumination in all Alienware laptops provides hardcore gaming vibes for the best performance during gaming.

6. Utility-Loaded

Gaming on a laptop is infeasible compared to a desktop because the touchpad is highly uncomfortable, so many gamers use external devices, such as a gaming mouse.

There is, however, a minimal range of interfaces on laptops, which leaves consumers with very few choices. But that is not the case with many Alienware laptops.

In Alienware laptops like the Alienware X17, you will find the latest and fastest USB interfaces like thunderbolt connectors, HDMI, and an ethernet port for wired gaming, making sure no gamer is left behind or hampered in their gameplay.

7. Excellent Cooling System

Alienware laptops are worth the price tag because they come with high-end specifications and because Razer has a highly optimized cooling system. They make you believe that it is an Alien-powered laptop, which makes their laptop stand out amongst the rest of the field.

With this gaming brand, you’ll get the best performance by using the latest technology heat dissipation system, preventing heat from building up and removing heat created during intensive load in seconds.

8. Customer Support & Warranty

The good news is that Dell provides its customers with excellent customer support. Whenever you require assistance from the company’s support team, you are free to contact them by phone or via email. 

Their team of professionals will answer any questions you may have, and they will respond instantly. Aside from customer support, they also include two years of onsite support and warranty. 

With every laptop you purchase, you receive free professional support for two years, significantly longer than most other companies provide. You can also opt for in-home services and pick-up and return services.

You will also be able to utilize those services, but it will cost you extra. So, the exceptional customer support and warranty of Alienware are other things that make them expensive.

Is Alienware Overpriced?

Generally, most people believe that Alienware’s products are heavily overpriced. It costs so much because it is made with premium materials and performs professionally. 

It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is still a solid choice for most people. So, the decision is ultimately yours. As long as you don’t mind spending more on a good gaming laptop, you won’t feel it’s overpriced. 

If you’re not looking for a powerful laptop or don’t like the cons, you might find it overpriced. So, you might have to pay a bit more price to buy an Alienware laptop, but it will surely be worth the money.

Is Alienware Worth It?

Alienware laptops are manufactured by Dell, which is famous worldwide—introducing Alienware Corporation, a computer manufacturer that offers alien-themed gaming computers. 

A unique look and powerful functionality usually characterize Alienware laptops and desktops. A high price might make you hesitate when planning to purchase an Alienware laptop. However, the Alienware laptops are worth it because of their performance and features.


I believe that after reading this article, it will become evident why Alienware is so expensive. As a brand, it is undisputedly one of the most reliable brands. 

The performance of Alienware products, the premium construction quality, the modernity, and the display options are exceptional. It is no secret that Alienware is worth the investment for game players who understand its benefits. 

Even though the prices are hefty, they don’t mind paying them. The pros and cons of Alienware are just like any coin – they have both the good and the bad sides. This brand has more pros than cons, making it a good and reputable brand to buy from.

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