Touch Screen vs Non-Touch Screen Laptops: Pros & Cons

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There are a lot of important factors to consider when looking for a new laptop. You will need to check out the specifications which include the hardware and special features.

You will also need to decide the type of laptop that you are looking for, whether a regular one, a high-end gaming model, or the latest laptops that come with a touchscreen.

Most of the new 2-1 convertible laptops now come with a touchscreen, and you can also find the touchscreen technology in some of the non-convertible models as well.

However, like any other innovation, the touchscreen feature has its advantages and disadvantages.

This article will help you to decide whether you need the touchscreen feature, I will point out all the important tips that you need to know before making a purchase.

What You Need to Know about the Touchscreen Feature

Most of the new laptops come with two common types of touchscreens:

  • Resistive
  • Capacitive

The resistive touchscreen

The resistive type is made of two layers and the touchscreen depends on the pressure from the user’s touch to operate. These two layers are equipped with electric currents and are kept separately. One of the layers is resistive while the other one is conductive.

Anytime you tap on your screen, the resistive layer activates and wakes up the conductive layer. The tapping on the screen changes the electric current and sends a signal to the software and starts to carry out the function that was instructed by the user.

Laptops that come with resistive touchscreens are not capable of reacting to several fingers at once because the software can only recognize a single point of contact.

The capacitive touchscreen

The capacitive type of touchscreen comes with just a layer that also works as coordinates. For this type of touchscreen to function, it will need to be in contact with the electrical charge in the human body.

When you tap a capacitive touchscreen, it moves the electrical energy flow on the screen. This makes it possible for this touchscreen to recognize several points of contact at the same time.

Advantages of Laptops with Touchscreen feature

Precise and quicker navigation

The main objective of the introduction of the touchscreen feature is to make it easier to navigate on your laptop. Laptop users will find it easier to perform multiple tasks simultaneously compared to using a mouse or trackpad.

Also, if the trackpad or the keyboard of your laptop stops working, you will find a perfect alternative to carry out your computing tasks. 

Perfect for drawing and note-taking

The touchscreen feature is quite popular and acceptable among most professional artists and graphic designers because it makes their jobs simpler to accomplish.

Most of the new laptops suitable for drawing are equipped with a stylus and a touchscreen feature to make sure that they can create their sketches anywhere. These two features also come in handy for college students since you won’t need to move around with a lot of books anymore.

Excellent Display Quality

Laptops that come with touchscreen technology are always equipped with amazing picture quality and better color precision compared to standard ones. Most of the convertible touchscreen ones also come with higher screen resolution which makes them perfect for people that work with colors.

Disadvantages of Laptops with Touchscreen feature

It’s not surprising that the touchscreen feature has some disadvantages that will discourage some people from going for it.

It consumes battery

Laptops that are equipped with the touchscreen feature consumes more of the battery backup because it is packed with more processing tasks due to the presence of a touch panel. If you prefer this feature, you will need to invest in an extra battery.

It’s more expensive

Most laptops that come with the touchscreen feature are more expensive than the standard ones. The touchscreen feature is a new technological innovation and most companies equip their new laptops with a higher-resolution touchscreen display which increases the price of the laptop.

Increases the weight of the laptop

Portability is one of the major reasons for buying a laptop and it’s important to point out that the addition of a new feature increases the overall weight of the machine.

Should I Get a Touchscreen Laptop?

A lot of touchscreen laptop users have mentioned that the touchscreen feature enhances their productivity because it makes them execute tasks faster.

Touchscreen laptops are very efficient for specific tasks like taking notes and graphic design, with just a finger you will be able to navigate conveniently. Also, these laptops are astonishingly built and they also have amazing color accuracy and picture quality.

However, as I mentioned earlier, they have their disadvantages. They can be bulkier than standard laptops, they are more expensive and they consume your batteries faster.

Your computing needs will be the major determinant factor here. If you are a student or a graphic designer, you should consider getting a touchscreen model.

However, if you are looking for a budget laptop for general computing tasks, there are a lot of cheap models that you can buy. In the end, make sure that you get the perfect laptop for your computing needs.

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