MacBooks vs Windows Laptops: Which is Better?

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Are you planning to buy a laptop and thinking whether you should go with a Windows notebook or a MacBook? Both are tough competitors, and it’s arduous to draw a conclusion as to which among the two is better. 

Both include some exclusive features that enable different categories of users to execute the desired tasks seamlessly. 

In this article, we will discuss different aspects from software to hardware to functions and features to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Software & User Experience

Well, the major line of difference between MacBook and Windows laptops is the software and the user experience that it offers. Even though macOS and Windows come with unmatched features, there are positives and negatives of both interfaces. The way both of these platforms sync with other smart devices will influence your preference. 

Since macOS syncs up seamlessly with other Apple devices via the Handoff feature. You can access calendars, notes, text messages, and even contacts across iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices. It means you can start a task on your Mac and complete it on your iPad or iPhone. 

From a performance point of view, both Windows and Mac notebooks are proficient. However, don’t be disappointed to experience lags, though they are rare. The fact is that the performance of your computer is based on how well and how often you optimize your device. 

So next time you find your MacBook stuck trying to load finder or Control Panel taking time to open, try to detect the error and fix the issue. That’s certainly because of the heavy load apps and redundant files running in the background and nothing wrong with the operating system.

If we talk about Windows, it’s the most popular operating system with a plethora of affordable options. You can do a variety of tasks, from collaborating on official apps to playing high-end games. You will find excellent features that include quick access to apps from the Start menu to using plenty of built-in options.

Even though macOS brings along an easy-to-use interface, Windows offers more flexible options. It includes compact devices optimized for touch interface. While Apple offers HandOff, Windows gives you the agility to use the Your Phone feature that enables accessing Android apps right from the laptop. 

Apps Compatibility & Scalability

Another important factor is the apps that you use on your computer or planning to download. Both macOS and Windows operating systems provide access to popular productivity suites, creative apps, and web browsers. Therefore, you can handle almost all major and resource-heavy tasks on both of them, from sending emails and making phone calls to creating presentations to surfing the internet. 

When it comes to third-party apps, most of them available in the market support both. The app developers consider both ora while developing apps to target a wider audience and generate huge revenue. Instead, dedicated versions of the same app are launched specifically to be installed on macOS, iOS, and Windows. 

If you are among the users who prefer precise features with more clarity, even a small point of difference can matter. MacBooks can be the first preference for graphic designers, programmers, or other professionals involved in resource-intensive tasks. 

On the other hand, Windows laptops are great for avid gamers as not just that it supports all major games, but there are a plethora of options available out there. Windows computers are compatible with high-profile games and support those that demand heavy specifications. 

Budget & Spec Upgrade

Another major point is that Windows laptops are highly upgradable, and hence avid gamers can scale the device as per their requirement and gaming preferences. Although gaming laptops are quite expensive, they are worth buying if you like spending time on your favorite games. 

Needless to say, the latest MacBooks are not fully upgradable, so you must consider your requirements at the time of purchase. That’s when the budget comes into the scenario. The price of a starting range MacBook can get you a high-end laptop with Windows for your gaming needs.

And sure, you might hear people say that laptops are not that great for gaming and that you should stick to gaming PCs or consoles, but do not listen to them. There are plenty of games to be played on laptops.

Bottom Line

Selecting among Windows and Mac laptops depends upon three significant factors that include software experience, performance and compatibility, and budget. Since the Apple MacBook lineup includes limited options, you can easily select a premium device based on your requirements. 

On the other hand, if you want to pick a high-performing laptop that is more affordable, go for Windows. Since Windows laptops come at a much lower price than MacBooks, you can pick one with premium features and efficient performance. 

Alex Berg
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