Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand?

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If you are looking for a good quality laptop within a reasonable budget, Asus is the brand many have recommended. 

Asus laptops are a class apart; fitting in every budget and catering to the needs of everyone. 

They have a good range of laptops for home users, students, business persons, creative designers, and gamers as well. 

Considering Asus laptops budget-friendly is right but considering their low quality is not true at all. 

Asus laptops are up to the mark and provide great performance, looks, and quality. They have a versatile range of laptops that caters to the need of all budgets and consumers. 

However, choosing Asus laptops is a bit difficult due to their ultra-large profile. 

That is why we have come up with this article to help you decide which one to choose. We will look at the brand, its advantages, and also some prominent offerings in each category. 

So let’s start by digging a little into their background.

A little about the Asus background

Asus is a Taiwanese multinational brand that was formerly known as Asus Tex Computer Inc. The company was established in 1989. The multinational company was primarily known for its motherboards but soon left its footprint in the fields of PC, Laptops, graphic cards, routers, and other technological solutions. Currently, it’s one of the most selling brands of laptops and PC and computer accessories.

3 Best Asus Laptops

1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus

– the best Asus gaming laptop

No products found.

2. ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim

– the best overall

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim

CPU: 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor 2.8 GHz (12M Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
Storage: 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
Display: 13.3 inch OLED 400nits Full HD (1920 x 1080)
GPU: Intel Iris Xe

3. Asus VivoBook

the best budget pick

No products found.

Asus Laptop Series

Asus offers different series for different niches. The series can be divided into:

  • Home and Students: Asus Chromebook Asus Vivobook
  • Business and professionals: Asus ExpertBook
  • Creativity and content creation: Asus ZenBook, ProArt Studiobook
  • Gaming: ROG Series, TUF Gaming

Let’s look at Asus’s different series and see what they offer.

Asus ZenBooks

The Asus ZenBook series is a premium series with sleek and stylish designs. They come with innovative technology. They have stunning displays, precise craftsmanship and offer uncompromising performance.

ZenBook Pro Duo is the most prominent laptop of the series. The series is designed for multi-tasking users. They are equipped with the best components. The series includes some of the expensive laptops like ZenBook Pro Duo that offer stunning features. The laptop features a Double screen pad for enhanced productivity.

The 360 degrees hinge of ZenBook Flip offers a flip display with a stylus for quick editing, sketching, or any other task with style and efficiency.

Other laptops like ZenBook S and Pro are also built for mobility and give the best performance. A common feature among these is Asus’s NanoTechnology. Laptops offer OLED display screens with the best color contrasts, brightness, and response time.

Asus Vivobook

Asus Vivobook is thin and stylish. The laptops here have four-sided Nano-Edge displays. And have 40% boosted power, they have an everyday laptop like Asus VivoBook. Asus VivoBook Pro is a jack of all trades, and you can do animation programming, editing, and other tasks. 

Its advanced options like VivoBook S also come with a Double screen pad to increase productivity. Here we have Asus VivoBook Flip, and a 360 degrees hinge that you can be used as a tablet and laptop.

asus laptops

Asus ProArt StudioBook 

These are the best laptops for professional creators like graphic designers, photos, and videos editors, or content creators. 

Asus ProArt StudioBook is an ultimate choice for professional content creators. The laptop has unbelievable visuals and provides great performance.

It offers professional-grade graphic cards and a color-accurate wide gamut display. Laptops are powered by AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Mobile Processor that gives sharp and realistic visuals. 

Asus Chromebook Flip

These are slim and stylish laptops that are for everyday use and students. Prices are very reasonable, and anyone can afford them. The Chromebook Flip can be used as both laptop and tablet. Asus Chromebook Detachable CM3 has a detachable screen. The screen sizes are available wide, starting from 11″ small screens to 15.6″ screens with HD and FHD Display. 

Asus ExperBooks

These are powerful laptops built for professionals and experts. No matter what business field you are in, the laptops are designed to help you seek professional excellence. What we have here is innovation; the series includes Asus exclusive NumberPads. The laptops offer the flexibility of PC to smartphone integration. They come with a whole array of I/O ports for better connectivity options. 

Laptops in the ExpertBook series have military-grade toughness. Laptops are tested for extreme temperature, vibration, dust and sand, and accidental falls. 

These are business laptops that offer extreme mobility and protection. Some of the laptops like the ExpertBook B9450 in this series have 24-hour battery life. Enterprise security and a full set of I/O to cater to the needs of connectivity.

Asus Gaming Laptops

Here are two main sub-series:

  • ROG Gaming Laptops
  • TUF Gaming Laptops

ROG Gaming Laptops

ROG series is expensive and designed for serious gamers. These are powerful laptops with the latest CPUs and GPUs. 

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SE is the most expensive laptop of the series, but it provides ultimate performance. 

Equipped with a ScreenPad plus a graphic card of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, it makes sure you stay ahead of your components. 

Rog Series has both Ryzen 5000 and GeForce RTX 30 series of graphic cards to provide smooth gameplay and the best immersive experience. 

Asus TUF Gaming

Laptops here are also powerful but slightly less expensive than the Rog series. Other less expensive laptops like Asus TUF F17 or Asus Dash laptops have FHD displays and powerful build. 

Asus caters to the need of all types of gamers from the entry-level Tuf F17 to ROG Strix 17 and Rog Zephyrus DUo SE; the diversity of price range allows both professional gamers and hobbyists to enjoy the gaming experience. 

Asus Tuf Laptops feature FDH IPS-Type display screens with both GeForce GTX 1650 and AMD 7R7-3750H graphic cards.

Salient Features of Asus Laptops

Now that we have discussed the different series of Asus laptops, let’s look at some of their salient features.


Asus offers industry-leading designs. Laptops are thin and portable. They have both plastic chassis and more sophisticated magnesium-made chassis that exuberate class and elegance.

The designs here are simple and yet very functional. The Expert series and Asus ZenBooks come with an innovative separate Screen Pad that helps in editing, sketching, and other creative tasks. Thief flip designs like Asus ZenBook 13 UX325 and ChromeBook Flip C436 provide 360 degrees hinge and can be used as a tablet. Some laptops have detachable screens as well.


When it comes to components, Asus provides a good range of variety. We have everything from the Windows 11 and i7 processor with the latest GPUs in the market. The component’s quality depends on the type of laptop you are considering.


What we love about Asus is its diversity of price. They cater to the need of everyone. Their lowest range starts from as little as under $200 and goes up to as high as over $4000. There is a wide variety of mid-range laptops for both professionals who can’t afford laptops like Asus ZenBook Pro Duo and ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo SE.


Not only in price but Asus also offers a great variety in types of laptops as well. We have something for everyone from students to home users, professionals to experts in every field. Asus ProArt Studio laptops are for creative tasks while their gaming range is also no less impressive. Asus Rog and Asus Tuf laptops offer great speed and performance. 


These are good-quality laptops that offer durability in every series. Especially their expensive models are built to last. ExpertBook series laptops have gone through all types of testing to survive different temperatures, vibration falls. And dust.

Asus Warranty

The warranty depends on the model you are buying, but you can have one year of warranty on Asus Laptops. Asus also offers an extended warranty for their batteries which you will have to register. Their warranty covers accidents, natural disasters, and maintenance fees.

Tech Support

Tech support of Asus is good. You can contact them through live chat, messages, or through a phone line. Their website offers all details and necessary phone numbers to reach their tech support, marketing office, or even CEO office as well. They have given some quick links to check the status of your warranty and RMA status.

However, their lines are always swamped, and you have to wait before you get to talk to a customer care representative.

Advantages of Asus Laptops

Here are some of the advantages of choosing the brand:


Asus offers laptops for all niches. They have budget-friendly laptops for home users and students like Chromebooks and Vivobooks. Asus ProArt Studio and Asus ZenBook are for Creative tasks and professional editing ExpertBooks are for professionals in different there is something for everyone.

Gaming Laptops

Asus gaming laptops are a class apart when it comes to gaming laptops. Their ROG and the TUF series offer intuitive displays, strong GPUs, and CPUs for smooth gameplay. The laptops offer fast refresh rates that are essential for staying ahead in-game.

Nano-edge Displays

Asus laptops are equipped with Nano-edge technology that gives more immersive and bigger displays. Asus ZenBooks have stunning displays. 

Anti-Glare Coating

The immersive displays of Asus laptops are coated with an anti-glare coating that gives less stress to the eyes. 

Long battery Life

Though short battery life is an issue with less expensive laptops, high-end laptops like ExperBook B9450 have 11 hours of battery life. ZenBook 13 UX325 provides 13 hours of performance if fully charged.

Disadvantages of Asus

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of choosing the brand.

Short Battery Life

Laptops have lower battery life. A laptop with great components consumes power, but their range of laptops also offers less hour per charge, which can be frustrating.

Quick Updates

Asus updates their models quite frequently. They have a new model to replace the latest one that makes the customer feel frustrated. Buyers usually get too confused with these rapid updates. 


Not all, but some of their laptops are quite heavy and chunky. 

Is Asus a good brand for gaming?

Asus is gaining more and more popularity in the gaming arena. Like other types, We see diversity here too. Their gaming laptops are roughly divided into two sub-series of the Rago series and Tuff series. Asus ROG series contains some expensive laptops with stronger GPUs, CPUs, and OLED displays. Laptops in the TUF series are of good quality as well. Here you can find some midrange and affordable gaming laptops as well.

Are Asus Laptops Good?

Certainly, Asus laptops are good in quality and performance. Their designs are ultra-thin offering excellent mobility. They have a wide range to choose from. The best part of choosing the brand is that you can buy a good quality laptop on any budget. Their high-end laptops have stunning designs with intuitive features. Even low-budget laptops cater to basic needs and stand out in the crowd. They offer better displays, good battery runtime, and a sturdy build. 

Asus vs competition

The brand gives a healthy competition to other brands in range like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. It may not compete with high-end laptops like Apple but if you compare them to other brands like HP and Dell, they stand out as being more innovative and functional. 

Their low price range is probably their biggest advantage over their competitors. Asus also has more variety than HP or Dell. Unlike the chunky designs of HP and Dell, Asus laptops are thinner and look modern. HP ProBook430 G8 and HP Pavilion laptops offer good competition to Asus VivoBooks. 

As far as Dell, the brand certainly outclasses Asus when it comes to customer support but its high-end laptops are far more expensive than Dell.

Acer vs Asus
MSI vs Asus
Asus vs Dell
Asus vs HP
Asus vs Lenovo

Wrap up

Asus is a good brand if you want innovative laptops with great components and the best displays. 

Their wide variety seems baffling, but if you know what you need, it becomes quite easy. 

For professionals, the ExpertBook series is the answer to all their needs. Creative people can express their creativity with the Asus ZenBOoks and ProArt Studio. 

The VivoBook series caters to the condition of those who have a limited budget. Asus Rog and Asus TUF series cover all of your gaming needs as well.

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