Is Alienware Worth It?

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It is almost a necessity to own a laptop in today’s technological climate. These portable devices are great for work, socializing, gaming, and so much more. 

However, while there is a lot of information out there about specific laptops, it can be hard to find the right one for you, especially if you are not that into technology.

There are many different types of laptops to choose from, and each one is better at certain tasks than others. 

You may have heard of some brands but do not know what each one offers. That is why this article will pay specific attention to Alienware and discuss whether it is worth it.

What Is Alienware?

Alienware is a brand of laptop that is made by Dell, one of the world’s largest providers of laptops. The first version of an Alienware laptop was released back in 2009 and it was known as the M17x. Since then, Dell has released over twenty Alienware models

The smallest model comes with an 11.6 inch screen, while the largest has an 18 inch screen. What’s more, the company also released a series of desktop models that run on Intel Core processors.

As you can see, it is easy to find an Alienware laptop in a size that suits you. However, there are specific reasons why you would want to invest in one of these devices over another brand.

Why Is Alienware Unique?

The main focus of the Alienware brand is to provide high speed and processing power. This means that programs will run quickly and will not suffer from buffering issues while you use the device. Furthermore, each model professes to use the most recent technology, keeping it up-to-date with current trends and performance standards.

You may think that the high processing power is enough of a benefit for this type of laptop; however, there is more.

All Alienware products come with customizable lighting systems and texture maps, which are great for creating a viewing experience unlike any other. With that said, there is one specific use for an Alienware device that you have probably already guessed.

Alienware Gaming

Video games require a lot of power from a device. The laptop needs to be able to render clear, graphical images in real-time, while also providing good sound quality and internet speeds. 

Luckily, these are all things that the high speeds of an Alienware laptop can accomplish. 

This means that Alienware computers are favored by gamers because they can run the most recent video games without sacrificing performance. 

However, the Alienware laptop’s customizability is the main reason that these devices are used by video game enthusiasts. 

They allow the user to create a set-up that fits them best, from lighting to graphic capabilities, making the picture sharp when playing gaming sites like

What’s more, the price of Alienware laptops is not too steep, which means that anyone can use an Alienware device to start gaming.

General Computing

While the Alienware laptop is very good at gaming, this isn’t the only reason why you need a device such as this. Computing in general is something that you probably have to do on a regular basis. 

Answering emails, typing up documents on Word, and surfing the web are all part of living in the modern world and you may find yourself falling behind at work without the ability to do these tasks.

Luckily, Alienware allows you to perform all of these functions to a good standard. Also, Alienware devices tend to start with 32GB of memory, which means you will never have to decide between keeping a list of work files or a saved game.

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A key issue that many people have with technology is finding the answers to their questions, especially with a newer device. There is a lot that can go wrong with a laptop, and you do not want to find yourself without a working device for long. 

Many of us do require a laptop for work, after all.

Fortunately, recent user reviews have stated that Alienware customer service is brilliant at getting you up and running again. They have a webchat service for those with a secondary device, but they can also talk to you over the phone. 

Moreover, Dell does provide a series of cheap warranty options to protect you in the event that something does go wrong. This warranty allows you to ship your device off for repair and receive it back free of charge. Therefore, anyone concerned about being stuck with an inferior product can put their mind at rest.


Unfortunately, not every piece of technology is without issues. A common complaint among those that use Alienware is that they have trouble cooling their device after extended periods of use. 

Once a laptop overheats it can cause freezing, lag or the device will shut down altogether. 

Not something you want to happen during a game without having saved it. However, overheating can cause more serious problems.

If a laptop reaches a temperature of ninety degrees or more some of the components inside can become damaged. 

Alienware does provide equipment that can help you with the cooling issue, but this does come at an additional expense to the user. 

You should always try to make sure that your Alienware device is properly cooled and not used for long periods in a hot room. These are easy solutions, but not something you should have to constantly think about.


The appearance of a laptop is not the most important factor; however, some people do hold it in high regard when deciding to make a purchase. If this sounds like you, then you will be happy to hear that Alienware is often praised for its sleek-looking laptops that fit the current trend. 

The thinner design makes them simple to carry around, and you can also purchase fashionable laptop bags for your Alienware device.

Conclusion: Is Alienware Worth It?

Alienware is definitely a good investment if you are an avid gamer; however, it will also serve you well as a general computing device. They do have their issues like most technological devices, but you can’t go wrong with Alienware. Therefore, Alienware can be considered worth it.

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