How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop (Quick & Easy)

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The know-how of the usage of shortcodes in your laptop can simplify your work. There are different shortcuts in Asus laptops that it pays off to know.

A frequent question with Asus laptops is regarding how you can take a screenshot since it’s not apparent. In most laptops, it is pretty straightforward, but for some, it can be a challenge to take the screenshot you need.

The good news is that to do it is pretty simple. Therefore, we’re going to make it clear how to screenshot on an Asus laptop along with other shortcuts that probably you should know.

How to take a screenshot on Asus laptop

There are several ways you can use to take a screenshot on an Asus laptop. And it is really up to what you want to capture. This is the old-fashioned way that will work on any Windows device.

  1. To take a screenshot with an Asus laptop, the first thing you need to do is to press the Prt Sc on your keyboard. This will activate your print screen.
  2. Afterward, you’ll have to paste your screenshot on some editor. You can use Adobe Photoshop or paint if you don’t have photoshop.
  3. After launching your software of choice, press Ctrl+V, the paste shortcut; you’ve taken a screenshot on your Asus laptop.

This method is perfect for older laptops and will work on each Windows release. Nevertheless, it is much easier to do it on the latest Windows 8 and 10 models.

Taking a screenshot on Windows 10

The last thing you want to do is spend your precious time saving and pasting a screenshot. On the latest laptops, you don’t even have to do this.

All it takes to take a screenshot from Windows 8 and 10 is simply pressing the Prt Sc key and the Windows key simultaneously.

This will take a screenshot of your laptop’s entire screen. Hence, you can now access your screenshot from your documents in the screenshot folder.

There shouldn’t be much difference in the operating system you’re using, excluding you’ll have to adjust just in case you’re using another one. The process will insignificantly differ if you’re using a Chromebook, but it should be pretty straightforward.

Nonetheless, this shows us how to get a screenshot of the entire screen. Perhaps, this isn’t your intention, and you need to spare the minutes used in cropping the screenshot. You can now be at ease since this isn’t the only way to make a screenshot on an Asus laptop; you can take a screenshot of specific areas of your screen.

Taking a screenshot of a window you’re on

You can as well take a screenshot of the Window you’ve been using without necessarily taking the entire screen. This is a better alternative for those who prefer professional screenshots, as it typically appears better than taking the whole screen.

By pressing the Prt Sc key, Alt key, and the Windows key simultaneously, you have your desired screenshot. This will only take a screenshot of the current Window you’re on. It’s a good way of ending up with a minor screenshot with no use of the snipping tool.

Taking a custom-sized screenshot

An alternative way is by using your crop or snipping tool to select a specific area of your screen. This is quite handy in selecting parts of the screen without necessarily taking the whole page.

On Windows 10, press the Windows key, Shift key, and the S key simultaneously, then use your mouse to select the screen part you want to screenshot. Based on your laptop, you can press Fn and F11 and get the same results.

Extra beneficial shortcuts

The screenshot isn’t the only shortcut you can use to simplify your life. There are a few more must-know shortcuts for Asus laptop users.

My Asus = Fn + F12 – My Asus shortcut is the most valuable your Asus laptop has. Right here, you can designate all the keyboard keys as you desire. Perhaps, you can assign the F5 and O key when pressed simultaneously to execute a specific command. Hence, this is probably the principal keyboard shortcut on an Asus laptop.

Airplane mode = Fn+F2 – Somehow, Macbooks don’t have an Airplane mode shortcut key. However, you can press Fn + F2 in Asusand Windows laptops generally and enter the Airplane mode.

Display mode = Fn + F8 – This shortcut key will come in quite handy if you use multiple different displays on your laptop. It enables you to toggle across your screens and is among the most valuable shortcut keys on your Asus laptop.

Wrap up

We hope that this guide has helped you learn how to screenshot on an Asus laptop. As discussed above, it’s evident there are several screenshotting methods and are dependent on your needs. You can choose to use any that suits your needs best.

These shortcut keys save you a lot of time that could have been utilized elsewhere. They can save you lots of time and energy if you familiarize yourself.

Therefore, make good use of them, and you will thank yourself later for taking the initiative.

There are several ways of taking a screenshot on an Asus laptop; still, the process is always getting more manageable with the latest Windows versions, as technology endeavors to make our lives simpler and more straightforward.

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