How To Measure Laptop Size

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You found a backpack that you cherished but were uncertain if your laptop would comfortably fit inside.

The product description specified that 15.6” could fit well but does that mean your laptop will fit well in it?

In this article, we provide insights on how to get your laptop’s size to ease the process of buying your laptop’s bag online.

Your laptop’s screen size is your laptop’s size

For non-tech fans, this could be a bit confusing. It is easy to confuse the number that comes with your laptop as its width. For instance, 15.6” Macbook Pro, to be the laptop’s width.

The number is to denote the laptop’s screen size. To measure a laptop’s screen size, use a tape measure, starting from the bottom-left to the top-right of the screen.

You should note that the bezel is not part of the screen when making the measurement. The bezel is the casing that encircles the screen to keep it in place. 

The conventional measurements used in laptops are usually in inches, but there are some exemptions to this. Some retailers choose to use centimeters.

Below are some common laptops’ screen sizes used.


Here is a great explainer video on how to measure your laptop’s screen:

How To Measure Laptop Size

When you have a laptop, you should know what size it is, especially when you want to buy a laptop bag that fits. I’m going to show you how you can effectively measure your laptop’s size.

Let’s get straight into it. 

1. Find Your Starting Point

Before you start to measure your laptop, there are two important things you need to understand; one is you have to know that the laptop screen is always measured diagonally, and the second one is why many people get false measurements.

Laptop screen is always measured diagonally.

Know that the measuring point isn’t always at the top corner of your screen but where the actual display starts.

2. Measuring the width

Let’s start by getting the width measurement. Place your tape measure crosswise from left to right on your laptop. That’s your laptop’s width.

3. Measure the height

To end up with a precise laptop’s height, you’ll need to fully close your laptop, then get your measurements from bottom to top.

4. Measure the depth

Next, place your tape measure perpendicularly from bottom to top on your closed laptop. That’s your laptop’s depth.

5. Things To Pay Attention To

By now, you have known exactly how you can measure your laptop correctly, how to do your unit conversion, which units are commercially used, and what to prioritize before you buy a laptop case or bag. However, there are a few things people frequently get wrong. Here are some of them:

Purchasing a bag or case for a laptop

For future reference, you should store your laptop’s measurements now that you have them. Time for shopping now!

When purchasing a laptop carry case, your laptop’s width is the horizontal measurement, and your laptop’s depth is the height measurement of the laptop carry case.

You should note that having too much space in your bag will work against you in that your laptop won’t comfortably fit inside.

Below are some features of a good laptop bag:

  1. A good laptop bag fits your laptop comfortably with no need for an extra laptop cover for safety. Your laptop should fit perfectly with few or no movements in the bag.
  2. It has a cushioned laptop compartment. A cushioned laptop bag acts as a shock absorber for your laptop. TIP: You should be searching for laptop bags that have a cushioned compartment at the bottom so that your laptop will be safe just in case it falls.
  3. Durability. A laptop is an investment that demands security and good maintenance. Materials such as nylon, leather, and polyester have proved themselves durable for laptop bags.
  4. Cute and stylish bag. The last thing you want is an ugly bag for a laptop, and it’s believed that your possession echoes much about your personality, and choosing a laptop bag isn’t an exemption here.


You can now save time measuring your laptop since you now know what you need and how you can effectively measure your laptop.

However, you might get lost in your measurements if you don’t write down the measurements you have taken. With the right measurement, you can purchase a well-fitting bag within your budget.

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