How to Disable Laptop Keyboard?

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Do you have any reason to disable your laptop keyboard?

I have good news for you – disabling your laptop’s keyboard is not hard.

In this guide, I will illustrate how you can temporarily or permanently disable your laptop’s keyboard.

I will also show you how to use an external keyboard (Bluetooth or USB) as a replacement.

Let’s get started!

How to Temporarily Disable Laptop Keyboard

This guide shows you how to display your laptop’s keyboard temporarily. Here, you have to uninstall the keyboard drivers from your device manager. Whenever you restart your computer, the driver is automatically re-installed for your use.

  • Look for the windows search bar and type in Device manager
  • Click on Device manager from search results and look for keyboards
  • Once you see the Keyboard option, right-click on it and tap on uninstall.

However, check the next guide to disable your keyboard permanently.   

How to Permanently Disable Your Laptop’s Keyboard

You have to take the previous guide a step closer to disable your laptop’s keyboard permanently. This entails the need for you to turn off Windows’ ability to re-install the keyboard driver anytime you restart your computer automatically.

Take the following steps accordingly to disable your keyboard permanently;

  • Go to your windows search bar and type gpedit.msc
  • Tap on the search result to open Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Click on the computer configuration file, which displays a list of options.
  • Out of these options, click on Administrative Templates and then the system menu.
  • Tap on device installation restriction from the device installation option. Right-click on Prevent installation of Devices not specified by other policy settings
  • Set the option by changing it to enabled.

Once you disable the keyboard through the guide, it doesn’t automatically re-install whenever you reboot your laptop.

How To Use An External Keyboard?

Since you have disabled your keyboard, your next option is to get an external keyboard. Depending on your best choice, this could either be USB-enabled or Bluetooth keyboard.

To use a USB-enabled keyboard, simply plug-in your USB keyboard into the USB slot on your laptop. The drivers from the external keyboard will automatically install for proper function.

For Bluetooth devices, take to the following guidelines.

  • Enable the Bluetooth feature of your laptop from settings > Devices > Bluetooth > other devices. Switch on by clicking on the toggle button.
  • Ensure your Bluetooth keyboard is ON.
  • Click on “Add a Bluetooth device.”
  • Select Bluetooth to search for an external Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Once the name of your keyboard, tap on it to complete the connection.

Wrap up

Here, I have shown you how to disable the keyboard temporarily and permanently. If you need to revert changes made to your laptop in the future, simply go back to gpedit.msc and follow the steps outlined to revert changes.

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