How To Choose a Laptop For Home Schooling?

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Due to the global pandemic that shook the world in the last few years, many parents have resorted to homeschooling their kids. The pandemic brought about a lot of fear of the virus being transmitted which led to social distancing. All schools were shut down, and most took their learning online.

When schools were eventually reopened, many parents decided that homeschooling was still the best option, regardless of whether the virus was still in the air or not.

Understandably, parents want their children to be safe, but they want the best education for them too. To have a sound online education which is the major point for homeschooling, students must have capable laptops that can handle their workload.

Having a good laptop can significantly enhance the homeschooling experience. If you have had thoughts like, “what laptop can help me do my homework?”, “What laptop can make my study process more seamless?” – you don’t have to wonder anymore because you will learn all you need to know here.

Below are some essential features to look out for when selecting a laptop for homeschooling.

How To Choose a Laptop For Home Schooling?


Everybody getting a new laptop is always concerned about the storage, regardless of whether that individual is a student or not. But storage is not such a big matter for homeschooled students because the files and programs they use are lightweight.

The group of students that should opt for laptops with high storage are programmers and architecture students because of the heavy programs their field of study requires. The important thing here is to pick an SSD laptop.

The Screen Size

Screen size is important for students because they would have to see every detail of the work they are learning online. Details like diagrams, representations, and graphs require sizable screens.

Although, bigger isn’t always better.

While choosing a sizable screen, remember that usability and portability are important factors that every laptop should have. To get a very good display resolution, you should go with an FHD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution.


The CPU is the brain of the computer, and it is one of the most important things you should look out for when selecting a laptop for homeschooling. You have to choose a laptop that has a super-fast processor, a processor fast enough to keep up with the programs required by the school.

The least processor requirement homeschooled students should opt for one of the latest Intel Core processors (11th or even 12th generation).

It’s not so fantastic, but anything lower than this will be very frustrating and unsatisfactory, kind of like eating a bad meal because you’re hungry and not because it’s delicious. Also, the old generation CPU will outdate quickly and you will need to replace your old laptop with a new one.

Battery Life

This is perhaps the most important feature homeschooled students should consider when selecting a laptop. A laptop with long-lasting battery life is the best choice for anyone, anytime. A student should opt for laptops with a battery life that lasts for 5-6 hours. This gives them enough time to attend lectures, do assignments and have their private study session. 

Lenovo laptops are popular for having the best battery lives, and Dell laptops are pretty decent too. 


Every student needs a laptop that has standard, high-quality graphics. But homeschooled kids don’t necessarily need laptops with extremely powerful graphics.

Going for these basic graphic chips still permits students to use the essential tools and applications they need.

It is essential to look out for all the features stated above if you want your homeschooling experience to be exciting and if you want to get the optimal concentration you need. Looking out for all these basic features will greatly enhance 

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