How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

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Buying a gaming laptop is a heck of an investment. Therefore, if I am making such an investment, I would expect it to last long at the optimum level, and I am sure you would too.

Gaming laptops do not come at peanut prices. In most cases, you pay as high as 2000 for a brand-new gaming laptop. With this huge amount, your laptop’s expectations will be so high that it must have high performance and be durable.

Now, on average, how long do you expect such a gaming laptop to last?

This article has the answer to your question. It will also provide tips on how to get the best from your gaming laptops.

How Long Should Gaming Laptop Last?


One of the key factors that make a gaming laptop stand out from others is the graphic processing unit (GPU). Therefore, it becomes imperative to compare various GPU units as well as how they perform with multiple games before settling down with one.

Let’s take, for example, the new and improved FIFA 21. If you are a lover of such a game, you will need to settle for nothing less than a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. You can easily compare charts and seek more technical details using the Google search to find more information about these laptops.

A starter graphic card like the NVIDIA GTX 1650 will last nom more than 4-5 years before an upgrade will be required.  But a high-end model such as the RTX 3080 will deliver optimum performance for a long time.


Generally, for a gaming laptop, 8GB RAM is a starting point. Of course, you won’t run the latest games with high graphic settings, but it is enough to play games like Sims or Minecraft.

If you want your laptop to last longer without upgrading it, consider buying at least a 16GB RAM laptop.


A good investment in an i5 or i7 processor will make the best gaming laptop. Although this may cost you a high amount of money, the satisfaction you get from the fast delivery and powerful performance will compensate for its money.

Even when a low-budget gaming laptop features AMDs or APUs, your concern should be on whether it is compatible with the GPU. Even more especially if you are opting for a custom-built gaming laptop.

Other Hardware

The gaming experience you get from a PS5 or Xbox cannot be compared to that of a gaming laptop if we would be honest with ourselves. The reason is that the various hardware of these consoles is made primarily to support gaming.

But with our gaming laptops, it is hard because different hardware is used in its coupling. Likewise, the quest to make the computer lighter further brings about compromise on some hardware that could promise long-lasting satisfaction.

With adequate and correct maintenance, the laptop hardware should last you longer. How then do you now maintain your laptop to last longer? Follow the description below and enjoy years of gaming with your computer.

How to make your gaming laptop last longer?


The most effective hack to a long-lasting laptop is yet most underrated. Wipe down the screen, keyboard, and physical part of the system daily while you can schedule a complete cleaning once every 6-8 months.

Cleaning does not mean you have to unscrew and dismantle the laptop (something could go wrong like that if you are not a pro). Just blow air to the fan grille to remove dust while it has been tilted. By continuous change of the laptop angle and blowing out debris, you will have a thoroughly cleaned laptop at the end of the whole exercise.

Ensure not to keep the computer flat to allow liquid that might damage the laptop escape.

Keep it cool

Long hours of gaming will take a toll on the CPU and GPU, causing it to heat up and eventually lead to system failure, mainly during the summer.

Usually, a beastly gaming laptop does come with an extra cooling system, but as you mostly have experienced, during long gaming hours, the overheated laptop can be so uncomfortable.

If you don’t want your system packing up, you have to get a cooling pad. This additional fan will help provide an excellent airflow that keeps the laptop cool so you can enjoy 24 hours gaming without the fear of a system failure.

Battery maintenance

Gaming is so captivating that it is done for long hours. Using a laptop to play a game is largely dependent on the battery, especially where no power supply is. 

You have to maintain your battery to last long make sure it is plugged in for these main reasons:

  • batteries have a limited charge-discharge cycle;
  • gaming laptops consume more power;
  • they can’t run at full speed without the power brick.

To get optimum battery performance, keep your charger plugged in all the time.

Upgrade laptop when needed

By upgrading your laptop regularly, you are much more able to control bugs and keep malware out. Also, note that you are not ignorantly updating Windows, which could eventually bring problems to your laptop.

This is because the new operating window’s load may be too much for the computer, left alone the game itself. So update wisely!

You may also want to keep the following hacks in mind:

  • Install a good anti-virus;
  • Protect your laptop from internal and external damage;
  • Cover your computer when not in use to prevent it from gathering dust;
  • Always shut down the system when not in use. It will save the battery and keep it cool as well.


With all our research, how long a gaming laptop will last depends on how the system is configured, how it is being used, and its maintenance.

The average time you will enjoy playing a game on your laptop will be 2-3 years. But you have read that there is always room for upgrade, which helps extend your gaming experience with the same computer over time.

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