How to Clean a Laptop Screen and Keyboard?

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Cleaning your laptop and desktop computers can make it live longer. As compared to desktops, laptops get easily grimy, crumbs, dust, and food can build up inside the keyboard. The reason is very simple: a laptop is a portable gadget, we spend most of our time next to it. On the other side, desktops stay in the same position for a longer time, but even they get dirty in time.

So, if you are a computer owner and it has been long, you have cleaned your laptop. Over an extended period, oil from your fingers can create a residue on the tops of the keyboard keys.

Don’t worry at all. We are here only for you guys. Below, we have featured the complete guide on how to clean and restore your laptop by dividing it into three sections followed by cleaning your laptop’s case, screen and keyboard.

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Precautions to Consider Before Cleaning your Laptop

1. Make sure to backup sensitive and important data of your computer.

2. Completely power off your laptop. Once done, remove the battery.

3. If your laptop is plugged to the power source, then unplug it.

4. Remove any USB drives or memory cards attached to your laptop.

5. Make sure you have a lot of time to invest in cleaning your laptop’s case, screen and keyboard.

6. Never hurry! Always work with patience. The damaged keyboard of your desktop can be replaced. However, it will be a bigger problem of you accidentally damages your keyboard.

7. We will not be responsible if you split any liquid inside your laptop or damage your computer. There is no place for any mistakes.

Section 1: Cleaning Your Laptop’s Case

This guide of cleaning your laptop begins with the cleaning of your case. First of all, gather dishwashing detergent, lint-free cloth, household sponge, cotton swabs and water. Once collected, follow the steps given below:

1. First, make sure you have considered all the precautions mentioned above.

2. Now, mix five parts water with one part dishwashing detergent.

# Important: Don’t use Ammonia or Bleach. Any other detergent that consists of strong chemicals and makes sure not to split any liquid inside your laptop. It may damage your computer.

3. In the cleaning liquid, soak the sponge then wrying out it until sponge gets dried.

4. Here, start wiping down the laptop case. Don’t get emerged with laptop’s screen or keyboard. We will clean them later.

5. To clean the Touchpad, you can use both swabs and sponge. You can use the standard Q-tip. We recommend using medical swabs because they are better made and wrapped a little tighter.

6. Make sure to not insert the swabs into any jacks, ports or holes.

7. Once done, use the lint-free cloth to wipe the case again.

8. That’s it. You have cleaned your laptop’s case.

Section 2: Cleaning the Laptop Screen

clean computer screen

We have the most successful three ways to clean the laptop’s screen. You can proceed with anyone or follow and execute all until you get the results. Don’t user Ammonia or Alcohol for cleaning the screen. These chemicals will damage for LCD screen and can dilute the readability of your laptop’s LCD screen. Again, we recommend that you must consider all the precautions mentioned above.

• Using a Damp Sponge

Dip the sponge into the water then wry out the sponge until the moisture gets out. Make sure that the sponge is dried. Once done, wipe the screen gently. Proceed carefully and gently.

• Using Lint-Free Cloth

If you are frustrated with finger smudges, then use a lint-free cloth to clean your laptop’s LCD screen. Even, most of the times keyboard create stains on the screen. They’re hard to avoid and even harder to clean off. You will be surprised to hear that LCD screens are very sensitive to liquids, and if contacted, LCD screen may get fussy.

• Buying an LCD Monitor Cleaning Kit

It will be best if you buy a specific LCD monitor cleaning kit. In the cleaning kit, you will find a lint-free cloth, a package containing a damp towelette moistened with the official LCD monitor-cleaning solution and other accessories.

Section 3: Cleaning Your Laptop Keyboard

We interact a lot with our laptop via keyboard keys. Due to it, keyboard keys get grimy over time, and you may find crumbs, dust over the keys if not cleared periodically. Don’t worry. We have given the best two methods to clean your keyboard effectively. As always, we recommend to must consider all the precautions described above.

clean laptop keyboard

Method 1: Cleaning Keyboard

1. Tilt the laptop upside down. Shake it or gently tap on it. If any crumbs or dust bunnies are hiding in your keyboard crevice, then they will be got cleared.

2. Now, move to your local office or home supply store and grab a compressed air spray. Tilt your laptop’s keyboard one side. Now, spray between the keys, moving from one side of the keyboard to the other and in short bursts.

3. Use a lint-free or microfiber cloth to wipe down the keys. You can dip a cloth into the water but make sure to wrying out the moisture completely before wiping on the keyboard. This procedure will remove the grime created on your laptop’s keyboard.

4. You can use a clean cloth to kill the germs. If you had suffered from the cold while using a laptop or usually shared it with buddies, then you can use a disinfected cloth to wipe on the keyboard. Keep in mind to not use a disinfected spray to a computer as it contains moisture.

Method 2: By Removing the Keys

1. Go online and search whether your laptop’s keyboard keycaps come off or not. On the other side, some laptops have permanently attached keys

2. If there is large grimy on the keyboard keys or something sticky/ something spilt then you can proceed with it by removing the laptop’s keyboard keycaps. Proceed with caution as keycaps are held in place by small plastic tabs that can break easily.

3. Take a snap of your laptop’s keyboard before removing the keycaps. So that you don’t get confused while inserting them after completely cleaning.

4. Now, use a small flat tool to pry off the keyboard’s keycaps. Pry up them gently. Don’t force them as it may damage them. Put the keycaps in a separate container to avoid losing them.

5. Now, use a microfiber cloth, or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe beneath the keyboard keys. You can drop a cotton swab in a little rubbing alcohol then carefully wipe away the spot. Don’t be hurried. Proceed with patience and carefulness.

6. Once cleaned, you can place each keycap over its place. The sides must be aligned appropriately and gently press the key down until you feel it pop into place. Place all the keys with patience. Don’t force them as it may damage them.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or if you are facing any issues while following or executing the above guide. We will give our best to solve all your queries. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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