Are Huawei Laptops Safe?

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As the ban on Huawei products in the United States seems to be taking deeper root day-by-day, consumers are left confused.

Even though a none owner of a Huawei laptop may be indifferent to this current situation, you as an owner or an intending owner of one of Huawei laptops will be slightly concerned about what is trending around Huawei devices.

The write-up aims are to assuage your worries and throw light on the shady situation around your favorite laptop manufacturer: Huawei.

How Safe Are Huawei’s Laptops? 

If you have a Huawei laptop or just got yourself one, it is as safe and reliable as any other laptop in the market today.

At present, Huawei laptops have been banned from engaging in business transactions with companies in the US.

Usually, Huawei uses Intel or AMD processors of companies owned by Americans in their laptops, but with the recent ban, this might spell wrong for the company in the future.

The point here is that at the present moment, Huawei laptops are very safe for use. But with the recent ban on the company business transaction in the US, the company’s future is dicey, especially in the western world.

But let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how things will play out for Huawei’s future.

Will Huawei Laptops Keep Getting Updates?

One of the product consumers’ primary concerns is whether their laptops will stop downloading an update from the operating system in the nearest future since it has been ban. Let me put this straight that it is very much unrealistic because if that has to be, it means Windows will have to break its protocol to block Huawei laptops from updates.

Yes! Huawei laptops will keep getting updates as Microsoft does not care who the computer manufacturer is but rather more concerned about their service delivery. If Microsoft depends on China for most of their business, then it becomes reasonable that they won’t want to prevent people outside China from downloading updates on a Huawei laptop.

Who Owns Huawei?

The question of who owns Huawei is a very controversial one because no one can boldly say this is the person who owns it. The initial founder is said to own less than one percent of the company’s share. The company shareowners are not announced, and it does not sell its shares to the public. Strange! Isn’t it? That is why some people are suspicious of the company considering its large size.

The company claims that the employee owns its shares, but the factual truth of who owns Huawei is still a mystery.

Which Is The Best Laptop From Huawei?

If you have any thought of getting a Huawei laptop, I suggest the Huawei Matebook series. It is an excellent alternative to Thinkpads and Macbooks performance-wise. Also, in terms of the price, you will get one at a retail price of 30-40% less than their competitors.

Looking at the Matebook D15 as an example, it usually sold under the 700 dollars mark.

It is sure a great deal with high-end specifications such as 8GB of RAM, 256GM of SSD storage, and an AMD 5 processor.  

It is evident that Huawei stands to provide a suitable valve for less money when compared to Macbook Air with a minimum cost of 1000 and carries the exact specifications as the Matebook but with a slight difference of i3 processor.


The bottom-line is Huawei makes a good value product for laptop consumers for less money. And if you care about your laptop’s security – relax, it is safe to use Huawei laptops.

The relationship between Chinese companies like Huawei and the Chinese government has gotten some people concerned.

However, the truth is that it does not stop your laptops from getting updates and being functional in the future.

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