4 Things to Focus on When Choosing the Perfect Travel Laptop

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Although most laptops share a similar design, they do differ depending on their intended use. A gaming laptop will be equipped with very powerful hardware to smoothly run games at higher resolutions.

On the other hand, a high-end business laptop might have the best screen on the market and an amazing keyboard to make writing and reading easier. But what about laptops intended for traveling?

There are several factors you should focus on when looking for the ideal travel laptop. Most importantly, it will need a big battery.

After all, you cannot expect to always have easy access to electricity while traveling. In addition, you will be regularly on the move, meaning that an ideal travel laptop should be compact and lightweight. If you plan to use it outside, choose a model that has a matte screen so that you can see what is on the screen.

And, unless you are planning to game on it, go for the one with the most energy-efficient components possible. In case you want to know more, read on and master the ins and outs of travel laptops!

1. Battery Life

Any laptop intended for traveling needs to have amazing battery life. Ideally, it should allow for more than ten hours of continuous use.

The reason for that is simple.

When traveling around the world, you will have limited access to electrical outlets. In such a situation, long battery life is a godsend. In addition to that, try to look for a laptop that has a replaceable battery.

That way, if the battery that you already have happens to break down, replacing it will be much easier.

Having found a model with a battery life that satisfies you, do not buy it outright. Instead, wait for a sale at a local store or simply look for discount codes on websites like heydiscount.co.uk. That way, you get to save hundreds of dollars that you will be able to spend on other things, such as a power bank that you will get to charge that newly bought laptop with.

2. Weight and Thickness

When you are traveling, you need to be very conscious about how much you can take with you. Every extra pound means that the luggage will get heavier and bulkier, making it harder for you to move around with it. The weight of a laptop directly correlates with its size. The bigger it is, the more it will weigh.

But weight is not everything. The thickness is just as important when choosing a travel laptop. A laptop that is only half an inch thick will be much easier to carry around in comparison to one that is two inches thick.

If you want a practical and easy-to-carry travel laptop, you might want to consider buying an ultrabook. Such a laptop is designed to be extremely compact and lightweight without sacrificing durability or basic functionality.

Keep in mind, however, that ultrabooks tend to have weaker internals and smaller, non-replaceable batteries.

3. Screen Size and Resolution

The screen size of a travel laptop should range from eleven to fifteen inches. Anything larger is usually too big to carry around comfortably. Still, it all depends on what you need. If you prioritize weight and small size above all, go for an eleven or twelve-inch laptop.

However, if the quality of the screen is more important, a fourteen or fifteen-inch one might work better for you.

If you are planning to use that travel notebook mostly outside, you should also look for one with a matte display.

Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible to read anything on it. Models with such a screen are usually more expensive, but the extra money might be worth it.

4. Processor and Graphics

Unless you plan to use that laptop for gaming, you will not need an overkill processor or the best graphics card on the market. Instead, focus on the most energy-efficient components.

A laptop with such a set of components will be cheaper and have much longer battery life in comparison to a gaming laptop with the most powerful components.

Just keep in mind that the more energy-efficient the laptop is, the slower it will probably be. As a result, it might end up being impossible for you to play any games on it, at least not on higher graphics settings.


Choosing the perfect laptop might seem like a tough challenge at first, but it is not that difficult. The most important thing to focus on here is battery life.

You need a laptop that can operate for long periods of time without having to be plugged into a power outlet. Other than that, focus on the laptop’s screen, processor and graphics, as well as its weight and thickness, as you do not want it to weigh you down.

Now, do you have any tips for choosing a travel laptop? If so, feel free to share in the comments section below!

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